Pamela Anderson starting her own charity


Pamela Anderson has been a huge supporter of various organizations such as PETA for years and is well-known as environmental issues and animal rights advocate. Now, the former Baywatch star has decided to establish her own charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

The actress will launch the organization at a party in Cannes on Friday, May 16. The event will be held together with Vivienne Westwood’s Cool Earth charity and will feature a backgammon tournament.

Pamela took to Facebook and wrote: “I love Cannes! So lucky to be here with my family. And… Dream come true – to launch my namesake foundation (on the riviera)… Glamorous, meaningful.. The good life.


“To raise money to protect and support the vulnerable areas of the world and support those who are protecting and surviving, thriving – within them.”

A statement published on Anderson’s official web site said: “Long time coming Pamela Anderson Foundation (Paf). 20 years of connecting resources – For charity – a natural extension – I have been dedicated to human, animal and environmental rights… It is all Connected… Pamela Anderson Foundation. For our planet and life within it.”

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4 responses to “Pamela Anderson starting her own charity”

  1. John says:

    I am happy that more and more celebrities open their charity foundations to help people, whoa re less blessed than we are, who need our support and help. Pamela is not only a great actress, stunning woman, but also a personality with a huge kind and generous heart.

  2. Lily says:

    Hm, I guess Pamela hasn’t had any other choice than building her own charity foundation, and I am sure she is doing that not because of the natural kindness, but due to the fact that she cannot do anything else. Her carrier as an actress is already finished, as even when she was young and attractive she didn’t really had any talent, so eventually nothing has changed by the moment she grew old, as she didn’t do much in order to change the situation. Now it is very good for her to launch this foundation, as this way she will remind people of herself once again, and will not disappear from the tabloids, I am even surprised, though she is blonde she was able to think of some sort of a solution, I think it is a very good job of her.

  3. Angie says:

    Honestly speaking Pamela Anderson’s image is clearly not linking in my mind with the image of person who is dealing with charity. In order to do something like that, you need to be aware of the problems on the Earth and willing to do something in order to change the situation, as well as travelling all the time, and most likely into not very good and pleasant places. I think you cannot solve any kind of problems if sitting near a swimming pool in your luxurious house and not being aware of the way things actually are. Hopefully besides creating the foundation there will be any other work done about it.

  4. Kate says:

    I think Pamela Anderson is really changing into a better person, like for example a long time ago all she was interested were parties, drugs and silicon valley, while now she is taking into consideration the problems that there are on this Earth, she tries doing something good not only for herself, but also for people around the world who do need someone’s help. I think it is worthy of a huge respect. I think after reading this article my entire perception about this woman has changed totally, I wish there were more actresses who would care about other people more than they care of their selves.