Paparazzo surprises Hugh Jackman with a gift

rs_560x415-130928072053-1024.Hugh-Jackman-Paparazzi-Toy.jl.092713_copy During a promotional tour for his new movie Prisoners, Hugh Jackman stopped by a store in Berlin to buy a toy for his son, but he left empty-handed because his credit card didn’t work. However, thanks to a paparazzo, Hugh’s son did get a present after all.

The actor was photographed looking at presents for his kids and leaving the store without buying anything due to a credit card failure. The paparazzo decided to buy the gift Jackman had been looking at and surprised him with the toy, which he readily accepted. And Jackman, who was all smiles as he accepted the toy, seemed to really appreciate the gesture.

Hugh JackmanThe exchange was caught on camera and in the picture the actor can be seen expressing his gratitude to the photographer by shaking his hand. He later wrote on his Twitter: “Thank you Berlin. See you soon! Great city great people… youknowwhoyouare.”

This is not the first time a photographer has helped the actor. Recently, Hugh received a helping hand from a paparazzo when he lost his son on a beach in Sydney. He turned to a snapper for help and he found the boy in a tree.

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One response to “Paparazzo surprises Hugh Jackman with a gift”

  1. Kenny says:

    You see, sometimes, paparazzi can be helpful! Well, for the major part they are pain in ass! I do not envy the celebrities to be followed by them everywhere. They cannot even get a private life. Celebrities are also human beings and they need some privacy too!