Patrick Dempsey signs on for two more seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

patrick-dempsey-appears-during-testing-for-rolex_3673413 Actor Patrick Dempsey has confirmed that he will be part of the Grey’s Anatomy cast for at least two more years.

The actor has signed a contract that ties him to the show for another two seasons, but he also plans to continue with his racing in addition to the show.

“Grey’s does a remarkable job scheduling around these races now, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” Dempsey told press. “The fact that they continue to let me race is remarkable in itself, so I am grateful for that and grateful to have employment that is known around the world. It gives me a platform to come and do this type of thing, and it helps the sponsors. I’m lucky to have the gig.”

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4 responses to “Patrick Dempsey signs on for two more seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’”

  1. Patricia says:

    Cool news! I would be happy to see Patrick in the show for two more years. I also respect his love to the racing and I am happy this keeps him famous all over the world. What he does on track is great, but what he does on the screen is simply amazing!

  2. Rita says:

    Awe I am so happy to read that Patrick has agreed to play in a few more seasons, I totally love “Grey’s Anatomy”, and without him I am sure that this show wouldn’t have been same, he is the heart of the show. For me it was a total shock when Mark and Lexy died in that air crush, I was so devastated and cried for a few days in the row. So when the new seasons have appeared, I didn’t even want to take a look, as I was afraid of other disappointments. They could have killed any other character of the show, why did they do that to Mark and Lexy, they were so much fun. Well that is the question I will probably never be able to answer, but anyways, I can say that I am super grateful to Shonda Rhymes and to Patrick Dempsey for the best screenwriting and performing ever, due to those two people I have found my way in this life, and decided that I would love to be a neurosurgeon. Yes of course I realize that it will take me almost half of my life to study that, and it is not the easiest profession because not every patient can be saved, but still I find this profession as one of the most decent ones, and cannot imagine myself studying something else.

  3. Fan says:

    Mmm, Patrick Dempsey, I have no idea what is so captivating about him, as I have a completely different taste when it comes about men, but he is just soo good, that I cannot resist. I will never forget how I started watching “Grey’s Anatomy”, I was switching the channels, and so Izzy with Denny, and Denny has got me interested as he is probably even a bit better than Patrick in my point of view, well, probably it is because Denny is an ideal representative of my taste in men. So I watched that episode, and after I finished watching it on the TV I have found it online and start watching it, the first few days I was watching the show till five or six in the morning, and that was no fun, considering the fact that at seven am, I was supposed to get up and get ready to going to work. It was like five years ago, and now I remember those times as one of the happiest ones in my life. Doctor Mark Sloan, Alex Carev, Every and Sheppard are the ones who are ruling this show, girls in the show except Arizona and Lexy are not that cute, but guys are totally worthy the highest mark.

  4. Laly says:

    I love Patrick Dempsey, and his lovely smile with the cute dimples. In Grey’s Anatomy, he is an ideal representative of a man and of how a man should behave towards his woman. I am wondering does this kind of men really exist in real life, or they exist in the fairy tales and in movies only? Hopefully not, as that would be really sad. The funny thing is that Patrick Dempsey is same in real life as he is in his movies. I read an article that was saying that his wife he met when he went to make a haircut, she was his hairdresser, which result in their marriage and happy family for many years. He is one of those one woman men, and it is interesting that he never remarried, or had any affair (at least I never read of something like that), I guess for the life in Hollywood which is full of temptations it is already a huge achievement, unfortunately even for the life outside Hollywood it is an achievement as well.