Paul Walker: I get jealous in relationships

paul-walker Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker admits that he is very jealous in relationships but he is trying to control it. He says that over the years he has learned to deal with his emotions much better and is now a lot calmer as he just lets the incident go before he opens his mouth and gets into trouble.

He said: ”Oh, I’m jealous but I deal with it well. There were times when I’ve acted on it and I’ve been like, ‘Oh f***, I shouldn’t have done that’. But I have self-control now and you just let it go.”

Paul-Walker-437x300The 39-year-old actor has 14-year-old daughter Meadow with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca but he says that he would like to have more children. However, despite the wish to be a father again, Paul doesn’t feel the same about marriage. He is not sure he will ever get married as he doesn’t think that marriage is very important for a relationship. ”Well, I have a daughter who turns 15 in November. I want two more kids. Do I want to get married? I’m not sure. It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment – so long as we are growing together, I want to be together,” Walker said.

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