Rebel Wilson on Stripper Dance Lessons

REBEL-WILSON_510x380 While filming Pitch Perfect Rebel Wilson had to take stripper dance lessons in order to get ready for the movie. She needed to learn how to dance like a stripper and some routines to prevent the possible injuries. ”We had a session on dancing a bit like a stripper. It was about dropping it low and shaking your a**e and not bending the wrong way because then you hurt your back,” the actress said.

Despite all the dancing she didn’t manage to shed weight. Rebel said: ”I would have lost weight except for the fact we would go out for dinner at the end of the day and shovel our faces with Southern food.”N

The Australian actress did enjoy the food on the set but she says she misses some home treats since she is working in Hollywood now. ”I do miss the food, and half of my suitcase when I went home last was Australian food. Cadbury’s chocolate, but the Australian made Cadbury’s, not the British or the South African made, because I like the Australian stuff. Then I brought back some healthy stuff like muesli – Australian made muesli- but mainly chocolate and sweets,” Rebel says.

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