Reese Witherspoon Cancels TV Interviews

Mud_Premiere_NY_Somi_t670 After her arrest for disorderly conduct last week Reese Witherspoon has decided to cancel several TV appearances.

On Friday, April 19, police stopped Reese and her husband in Atlanta after seeing their car weaving across a double-lined street. The actress didn’t obey the officer’s orders to stay in the car and she started yelling: “Do you know who I am? You are going to be on the national news!” When the officer tried to handcuff her she was resistant but her husband managed to calm her down. They were both arrested. Reese is now facing charges for disorderly conduct and her husband Jim for drink driving. The hearing is scheduled for May 22.dDw8Zxp08tPm

The 37-year-old star has apologized for her behavior in a statement but she decided not to speak to the media for now. She appeared at the premiere of her new movie Mud but she didn’t talk to the press.A source told the New York Post newspaper: “Her team was grappling all day as to whether she should show up.”

Reese canceled her earlier arranged interview with Good Morning America. She was also supposed to appear on Late with Jimmy Fallon, but cancelled that too.

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