Renee Zellweger obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence

renee-zellweger-giorgio-armani-one-night-only_3921968 Reportedly, Renee Zellweger is ”obsessed” with Jennifer Lawrence.

She is such a big fan of the young actress that she even been trying to style herself the same way.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: ”Renee is obsessed. Ever since Jennifer broke through in 2010 drama Winter’s Bone Renee has been watching her career closely. It sounds crazy but Renee sees a lot of her younger self in Jennifer. She’s even trying to restyle herself to fit Jennifer’s mould. She’s ready to storm back into the Hollywood game. And she believes that by modelling herself after Jennifer, she’s soar back into A-list career glory again.”

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One response to “Renee Zellweger obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Well, maybe this obsession will bring Renee to the glory of her old Hollywood days. I hope this will be great stimuli to work on her and bring out the best in Renee as and actress. She started very well, but now not much is heard of her, while Jennifer Lawrence being so young has achieved great heights and have become popular only due to her role in Hunger Games. I hope Renee find such a move for her not to be forgotten among many Hollywood actors’ names.