Richard Gere announces ‘Time Out of Mind’

richard-gere Richard Gere is set to produce and star in Time Out of Mind and he is very excited to be teaming up with director Oren Moverman for the upcoming drama.

The movie focuses on a man working to rebuild his life and reconnect with his estranged daughter after finding himself homeless.

Gere said: “Time Out Of Mind has obsessed me for many years now, it is a profoundly human story that we are determined to make into a powerful film that speaks to everyone. I am proud and delighted to be collaborating with the brilliant writer-director Oren Moverman in telling this emotional and uncompromising story of loss, connection and the possibility of redemption.”

richard-gere-screening-of-aint-them-bodies_3814507Moverman feels honored to be working with Richard Gere and is happy that this film will draw attention to some important social issues.

“Richard is an actor I’ve admired for a long time and I am honored to be working with him on a movie that doesn’t pussyfoot around social issues while telling a very accessible, human tale about a dispossessed man who is also a father, a lover, a friend and a statistic that deserves our attention,” he said.

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2 responses to “Richard Gere announces ‘Time Out of Mind’”

  1. Richard says:

    Richard Geer is one of my favorite actors. I admire him a lot on the screen and I like almost all of his roles. The new movie plot s very attractive to me and I would be happy t see its screening that hopefully will be released in the upcoming years. Any movie with Richard cannot leave me indifferent, especially such a tremendous story of a human life…

  2. Perla says:

    The movie promises be very serious and interesting. I would like to watch it. Besides, Richard Gere is one of my favorite actors. I like all the movies with him in the cast.