Rihanna refuses to talk to Rita Ora

rihanna-roc-nation-pre-grammy-brunch-celebration_4041174 Even though they were both at the same Grammy Awards parties over the weekend, Rihanna and Rita Ora haven’t exchanged a single word.

Rihanna gladly chatted to Rita’s boyfriend Calvin Harris at several bashes, but she refused to speak to the singer.

A source told The Sun: ”Rita and Rihanna were at the same parties all weekend. Rihanna deliberately kept her distance. She talked with Calvin at length but didn’t acknowledge Rita.”

”It was awkward because they have the same management team and move in exactly the same circles. Rihanna’s never been much of a fan of Rita because her style is so similar and they compete over songs,” the source added.

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5 responses to “Rihanna refuses to talk to Rita Ora”

  1. Bob says:

    Well, I can understand Rihanna. Nobody likes competitors, though competition is the healthy way to show who is the best, the most talented and strongest. It is hard to remain friends when you sell the same product and have similar styles.

  2. Suzanna says:

    Competition is a great thing, but no one likes to be defeated! I believe Rihanna is afraid that Rita Ora is stepping her feet. Well the ladies have similar style and sell the same thing – music. I hope there is a place for two of them on the modern American and world music stage!

  3. Miranda says:

    So what is so awkward in that? Girls who are successful never liked sharing their success with other girls. So no wonder Rihanna doesn’t feel very much into talking with Rita Ora, why should she? She has a lot of friends with whom to speak and spend time, we all speak only to people us really want to, instead of speaking to everyone around. And it is not about being a b**ch, or arrogant, it is about valuing and appreciating your own time, especially when it comes to the fact that you do not have much of it anyways. Good job and keep it this way Rihanna, you should not listen to anyone but yourself.

  4. Sarah says:

    We all refuse talking to people we do not like, that brat Rita Ora is copying Rihanna everywhere she can, and it is not only disgusting but not nice of her, she is lucky that Rihanna didn’t “slapped” her with some words in public, though I believe she can and has all the right for that. Being so successful and adored by men for Rihanna is a good and bad thing at the same time, good because she is loved and has a lot of attention from men, and bad because she never knows whether the new girl who is trying to become friends with her, is really a friend to her or is just acting in order to get closer to some of Rihanna’s friends. That really su**s when you cannot trust no one, and there are so many things that you would like to share with someone but you cannot, as people are mean. For Rihanna it is all super hard also due to the fact that she went through many things, her carrier was not that easy as it seems to be now, she was not born being famous, she worked a lot to achieve what she has now, as well as no one forgot the story when she was beaten with cruelty by Chris Brown, and how hard she was going through this episode of her life. So why in the Earth she should speak with Rita Ora if she doesn’t want to?

  5. Caley says:

    Who is Rita Ora, and why does Rihanna have to talk with her? If she is singing some creepy songs that doesn’t mean she is a star, and the fact that she acts and dresses like Rihanna doesn’t mean they are sisters or friends already. Rita Ora is just some cheap version of Rihanna, let’s say a ghetto Rihanna. I am not huge fan of Rita Ora or even Rihanna, but I do respect when people have some individuality and make something of their own instead of using someone else’s way of being popular. As everything is supposed to be done while working hard, otherwise it will not be a great success.