Robert De Niro helps his directors

robert_de_niro_685848 Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Times, Robert De Niro said that he regularly gives directors tips using his experience in the movie industry.

”When you’re directing, you think of everything … The few times I’ve directed, if someone comes up with something you missed, you’re glad to hear that,” the actor said.

De Niro offered his help to Luc Besson, who directed his latest movie, The Family, with certain scenes. He explained: ”I did it with Luc. In a New York scene, the way the set was set up, it wasn’t the way it was in New York and I said, ‘Do this, do that, pull it that way.’ ”

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One response to “Robert De Niro helps his directors”

  1. Olesya says:

    Defintely, Robert de Niro has a great experience in movie making. I believe he can give great hints to the directors of the movies and helps them. Yes, when you are directing a film, you can miss some things since many of them are on your mind every day. It is hard to be precise to every detail. I am sure that directors Robert de Niro works with are grateful to him for his help.