Robert Pattinson might spend Christmas with Kristen

Kristen-Stewart-and-Robert-Pattinson2 It is said that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may spend Christmas together.

A source told Life& Style magazine that the actor will have to choose between his family and ex-girlfriend.

”He’s supposed to go home to London for Christmas, but Kristen wants him to stay with her in LA. He’s torn,” the insider said.

Robert’s family fear that he might get back together with Kristen.

The source added: ”They can’t stand Kristen; his family is terrified that he’ll never get away from her. They think she’s bad news, but there’s something about Kristen that he just can’t resist.”

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2 responses to “Robert Pattinson might spend Christmas with Kristen”

  1. Trevor says:

    Robert is getting in the same trap. It was his decision to part and never get back together, never cross their paths. Why would he want to spend Christmas with her? Christmas is a family celebration, so, Rob, get to your family and enjoy this holiday with them – in the circle of people you can trust and relax with and not a betrayer, who will repeat the same mistake again. A person, who really loves you, will never cheat on you, IMHO!

  2. Natalie says:

    No way I see them together, no way! She has broken his heart once and will do it the next time. How many times will you be forgiving her, Rob? You are a very handsome guy and I am sure there are many ladies after you, what did you find in this ugly grey mouse? Look around, any woman will be with you.