Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shuns fad diets

rosie-huntington-whiteley-2013_1920x1200_1038 Speaking to Grazia magazine about dieting and fitness, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley said she didn’t believe in fad diets that are so popular in Los Angeles. She instead sticks to her own eating plan with plenty of vegetables, smoothies and fish.

”I live in LA, where every fad diet starts and all the training techniques begin, but I have always kept my approach to health and fitness really simple. I know when I go back to Devon and go supermarket shopping with my mum I’m not going to find anything gluten free, but there are things available. My approach is a lot of vegetables, smoothies and fish … I don’t believe in fads. I believe in eating clean and balanced,” she said.

rosieRosie likes to start her day with a healthy smoothie and lots of water. She said: ”I do a lot of juicing, a lot of green smoothies. I put all my superfoods and supplements into my juice and I have that first thing. I drink two liters of water when I wake up and try to do four liters a day.” Coming from a family of fitness instructors, the blonde beauty knows that exercise is important. ”My mum and my brothers are fitness instructors, so I grew up outdoors, playing sports and being active. It keeps my head screwed on,” she added.

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