Ryan Gosling Against Cattle Dehorning

images Ryan Gosling showed again that he is an animal rights supporter. The actor wrote a letter to National Milk Producers Federation in which he expressed his protest against removing horns from cattle.

This procedure is known as dehorning and it has become a common practice. PETA shared his letter. It said: “Dehorning is one of the most painful things done to cows on dairy farms, whether it is by burning a calf with a searing hot iron or applying caustic paste to create a chemical burn that eats away at the animal’s flesh.” The procedure of removing horns is very painful and traumatic for the animal. Calves suffer the most since they start developing the horns which will be rooted to the skull. To do this people use different tools like guillotines, wires and saws.g

“There is absolutely no reason – and no excuse – for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue. I respectfully urge the National Milk Producers Federation to take the lead in stopping this barbaric practice by requiring farmers to phase out dehorning by breeding for polled, or naturally hornless, cattle,” Gosling concluded the letter. National Milk Producers Federation says that dehorning is necessary because that way they prevent injuries to animals and humans.

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