Ryan Gosling didn’t want to be a movie star

ryan-gosling-special-screening-of-only-god_3766754 He is a huge movie star now, but that’s not what Ryan Gosling had in mind when he was starting his career.

He rose to fame after the success of his movie The Notebook back in 2004, but the 33-year-old actor never dreamed of becoming a world-famous star.

He said: ”I never thought about being a film star. But I came further than I ever thought. I have done incredibly well. I have had the same manager from the age of 14 and the same agent since I was 16. Now I can repeat and work again with the directors I like.”

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One response to “Ryan Gosling didn’t want to be a movie star”

  1. Josy says:

    Well, this is what I call a fate. This is very rewarding when you get to the point you have never dreamt of and have never seen yourself at. Even though Ryan has never wanted t become a great actor he has become and incredible one and after reading this article I am going to re-watch the famous The Notebook movie. I remember I cried every time I was watching it.