Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy bonded on ‘The Heat’ set

images (1) While filming their new comedy The Heat in Massachusetts last year, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy became really good friends. The two actresses found out that they had so much in common since they are both moms (Sandra has a son Louis and Melissa has 2 daughters) and share some other interests.

Sandra told Parade magazine: “Having kids connected us on a deeper level. And the things we’re obsessed with outside of being a mum are the same, too. Construction and house renovation… The minute they’d say, ‘And cut,’ we’d bolt to our little chairs, flip open our iPads, and look at magazines. We’d say, ‘I’m tearing down a wall; do you think we should do the window here?’ We’re kindred spirits in that world.”

sandra_melissaMelissa and Sandra brought their kids to the set every day and soon the three children bonded.  “Even though he’s tiny, Louis really played big brother. He would put his arms around their shoulders or go in front of them and block them if he didn’t like something. He was running security,” Bullock said. Even after the filming was over the two actresses stayed close buddies whose families enjoy spending holidays together.

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