Sandra Bullock hires army of bodyguards


Worried for her and her son’s safety, Sandra Bullock has hired ”an army” of bodyguards.

On June 8, a man named Joshua Corbett broke into Sandra’s home while she was there. He entered the property through the back door. The police quickly arrested the intruder, but what’s even more alarming is the fact that “an arsenal of weapons” was discovered after searching Corbett’s home.

Besides residential burglary, he has also been charged with an additional 19 felonies, including possession of several machine guns. Now Bullock has taken measures to protect herself and her four-year-old son, Louis.

A source told Star magazine: ”Sandy is traumatized by the break-in. She’s hired an army of security guards.”

The actress secured an emergency restraining order against Corbett, but still doesn’t feel safe.

”Sandy doesn’t even want to stay in the home, but to keep Louis on his schedule, she will. She’s paranoid about safety to begin with, but now she’s more frightened than ever,” the source added.

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