Sandra Bullock: I was longing for ‘Gravity’ role

sandra_bullock_671873 Talking about her new movie, Gravity, Sandra Bullock said she had wanted that kind of role for a long time. The actress admits she envied her male colleagues for landing parts with depth and she always felt there was a lack of similar roles for actresses.

She said: ”I was always longing to do, emotionally and physically, what my male counterparts always got to do. I just felt envious every time I saw a movie that I was in awe of and it was usually a male lead. And those kinds of roles weren’t available. They just weren’t being written.

”But in the last couple of years, things have shifted. And then, there’s the fact that Jonas and Alfonso wrote this specifically as a woman. It wasn’t an afterthought. I think it was the integral part of the story. I don’t want to say that’s revolutionary, but it’s revolutionary. And the fact that a studio, on blind faith, would fund something as unknown as this is revolutionary.”

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One response to “Sandra Bullock: I was longing for ‘Gravity’ role”

  1. Rachel says:

    I would call is Sandra Bullock’s revolutionary role! She is just amazing in this movie. She did a great job even though she had to combat the depression she was suffering with during the shooting. I happy that being a professional and with the help of her close ones, she managed to overcome everything and we, in our turn, can enjoy a great movie. I had goose bumps watching it in 3D.