Sandra Bullock: Naked scenes are funny

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals Speaking on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, Sandra Bullock said that she wouldn’t do naked scenes to be sexy but finds nakedness hilarious in movies. ”There’s nothing sexy about it at all–it’s funny. It’s not intimate. I don’t do naked for sexy. Naked only works for me in the funny. On film, not in real life,” Sandra said.

The actress also insisted that she would never make a love tape. She explained: ”If you’re having love and you get recorded, and you don’t know you’re being recorded, my guess – not that I’ve ever done this – is that you don’t look good doing it! I can’t imagine, that someone would look good whilst having intercourse not knowing they’re filmed. But you notice, anytime someone has a love tape, it’s beautifully lit, they got the good angles, it’s like, ‘that’s right,’ over the shoulders are great…Who does that? Who does that?!”

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