Sandra Bullock was depressed when George Clooney finished filming ‘Gravity’

sandra-bullock-bfi-london-film-festival-gravity_3902101 Speaking to Variety, Sandra Bullock admitted she had a tough time filming Gravity and felt depressed after George Clooney completed his scenes.

In this space drama film, Sandra had to do many scenes all alone, without other actors, and it was particularly difficult for her when Clooney wrapped his scenes.

She said: “When George came, it was like this energy for us and you were so appreciative of him being there. And then when he left, I had never been hit with a depression like that. We had so much fun for three weeks, but then my friend left. I was amazed at how I was affected by him going. I had a hard time saying goodbye. I didn’t wanna look at him, I was just gonna give him a pat and I walked away – and I was mad.”

GravitySandraBullockPR081113Bullock also added that being in isolation while shooting left her feeling tense and angry.

“So I felt like every day I was pushed against a wall with technology. And I was angry at everyone who came with me with a laptop to tell me where my hand had to be and where my head had to end up in a certain amount of time,” she explained.



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2 responses to “Sandra Bullock was depressed when George Clooney finished filming ‘Gravity’”

  1. Sophie says:

    Sandra is a very sociable personality. I understand her and how it was difficult to spend many hours and days in isolation filming her solo scene. I can understand why she got depressed and mad. She was far form her son and wasn’t able to communicate much with people it was just she and herself. They have been great friends with George Clooney for a long time, that is why his support was very helpful during filming and made Sandra so angry and frustrated when he left as his scenes were wrapped.

  2. Maria says:

    I totally understand Sarah’s depression when her best friend left shooting. The movie was hard to shoot for Sandra as she had to spend much time in isolation and being a sociable lady, it was hard for her. It has become even tougher when her best fried left the shooting scene as he was done. I hope next roles for Sandra would be less depression and more sociable, though the movie deserves my greatest appreciation.