Scarlett Johansson intimidated co-stars

scarlett-johansson-leaked-photos-2014-wallpaper In her new movie Under the Skin, Scarlett Johansson plays a woman who seduces a lot of men and, as the actors playing them were mostly amateur, she says they found her intimidating.

She said: ”These characters that I’m picking up are those forgotten guys – they don’t have any ties. They’re not like the coolest kid in school. So the guys I was working with, it helped their performance that they’d be like, ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting next to you.”’

Scarlett also said that she didn’t feel comfortable while watching the film in which she plays a seductress who preys upon hitchhikers, and said she tried to pretend she wasn’t watching herself on screen.

”It was strange. I felt really anxious. I didn’t know what the film would look like at all. I tried to watch it as an audience member. And it pulled me into it,” she added.

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One response to “Scarlett Johansson intimidated co-stars”

  1. Trevor says:

    If I were seduced by Scarlett Johansson I would feel myself rather intimidated as well. She is simply a gorgeous woman and perfect actress to me. She is everything a man could desire! She is the dream lady and I would be very happy to be the amateur actor to take part in the movie Under the Skin, well any movie with Scarlett casting in it. She is simply adorable. Just look at her, how it is possible not to fall in love with this amazing woman!