Scarlett Johansson to play Hillary Clinton?

scarlett_johansson_629210 There’s been a lot of buzz around a biopic about US senator Hillary Clinton lately. The project is getting a worldwide attention already and the filming hasn’t even started yet.

One of the most discussed issues lately is the choice of the actress who will play the former US First Lady and senator in the movie. Several names are being mentioned and the latest rumor is that Scarlett Johansson might star as the lead. However, the competition is stiff (Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon and Amanda Seyfried are also interested in the part) so Scarlett will have to prove that she is the best choice.

HillaryClinton_2326613bJames Ponstoldt, who will direct the movie, told The Independent: ”They’re all wonderful actresses. We’re very fortunate that a lot of really great actors are interested in playing these roles. We’re in an enviable position. Regardless of people’s political affiliation or how they feel about Hillary Clinton, you don’t find people who question the quality of her intelligence or her drive. I want a wonderful actress who could embody that.” The film will mostly focus on Hillary‚Äôs early years when she was working as a lawyer in Washington in 1974 before she married Bill Clinton.

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