Selena Gomez disgusted by Justin Bieber’s behavior

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala Justin Bieber’s recent antics haven’t impressed Selena Gomez and she thinks it’s a classic display of immature behavior.

In the past weeks the Canadian-born star has gotten into a fight with Orlando Bloom, partied with Playboy model Alyssa Arce and had a night out with Kendall Jenner, posing for flirty pictures.

However, Selena isn’t hurt by her ex-boyfriend’s behavior. She’s actually disgusted and has no intention of taking him back.

A source told ”Selena is beyond over Justin and his immature behavior. She knows very well that he is trying to make her jealous with all the pics he’s been posting of him with other girls, including Kendall.

”But rather than making her feel hurt or making her miss Justin, it’s backfiring. She’s disgusted with how he’s behaving. She’s not hurt, she’s actually grateful that she’s not with him anymore. In her opinion, he’s acting out and she would rather have nothing to do with him.”

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