Selena Gomez fires parents as managers


Selena Gomez has reportedly fired her parents as her managers because she wants an experienced professional to handle her schedule.

The singer’s mother Mandy and her step-father Brian have been managing her career since 2007, when she started working for the Disney Channel. Now, Selena feels she is ready for a change and believes she needs a professional manager.

A source told ”Selena feels she’s outgrown her parents. She believes she’s now old enough — and famous enough — to have a seasoned professional manager with other A-list clients.”

Even though the news of Gomez parting ways with her parents might sound surprising, it was actually expected, according to E! News.  They report that the family started talking about the separation last year.


“This has been going on for a while,” a source told E! News. “This didn’t just happen yesterday.”

The insider also claims that things are good between Selena and her parents.

“They decided it’s better to focus on being a family than talking about business all the time,” the source said.

“Listen, it makes sense because someone doesn’t want their parents managing them for their whole career. It wasn’t about her parents doing something wrong or bad feelings, it was more about Selena getting older and being more independent,” the source added.

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5 responses to “Selena Gomez fires parents as managers”

  1. Kat says:

    Sounds simple – they got her to where she is now. When she said yes to Justin, they said it wasn’t a good idea, so she gave them the boot. Not mature of her (because Justin is a pig), but it’s her life to destroy so why not? I don’t think she is doing this out of the goodness of her heart but because she’s an idiot.

  2. Barny says:

    It makes sense because to her parents she’s always their little girl so maybe she feels she can’t grow enough or do the more grown up roles and career moves she wants to. She’s only outgrowing them career-wise. It was fine when she was younger, a Disney girl and new to the industry but now she’s an adult and knows what she’s doing and understands the business. This means her family will be just that – family. Not work colleagues or staff. Besides, they have Gracie now and I’m sure Selena would want the best for her which would mean having her parents be there for her.

  3. Eva says:

    Well what can I say, it is the time for the kid Selena Gomez to grow up, and it is good that she finally has understood that. I am wondering did this idea come to her mind, or someone else has advised her to do so. Of course it is a big step of a grown up person, but from the other side, while her parents were managing her business, they were also keeping their eye on her private life, which might be not that good, as she started smoking marijuana and doing other things, that she was not doing before. I do hope that it was a good idea and her parents will not leave her anyway, and help her not going from a good one to a bad one, as it would be a sad thing.

  4. Fanny says:

    Wow, firing your own parents, who are people who practically made the person who you are nowadays from you, that should be a very hard thing to do, and at the same time a very cruel one, but Selena has made her choice. Isn’t it a betrayal? I guess it is. What goof things can we expect from our own kids nowadays, if acting like this with their own parents is considered a normal thing? I am deeply shocked, and I feel sorry for them, as I guess it is pretty hard time for them now. Selena while thinking only of her own benefits now, has forgotten that they have changed not only her life, but also their entire lives for her sake, and it will be hard for them now to get back to usual routine from which they were absent for seven years.

  5. Kathy says:

    Mmm, I guess it is all Justin Bieber’s influence upon Selena Gomez, though it is hard to call him a influent type of person, as now due to the drugs theme he looks all like a vegetable, he sings, he has concerts, but his eyes look like glass. I think Selena has done a big mistake, and unfortunately there is nothing she can do in order to change or fix that, as she already made this news public. I am wondering why people can’t keep their private life as a secret to everyone why should they always underline everything that is going on in their private life in front of cameras. Is now everything bouncing in front of cameras?