Seth Rogen and wife working to raise Alzheimer’s disease awareness

seth-rogen-lauren-miller-w352 After their family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease, Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller want to raise awareness for this terrible disease among people.

Lauren’s mother has Alzheimer’s disease and the actress says that it’s been very hard for her to deal with the situation. “It can be brutal. I’m sort of at that point in my life where a lot of my girlfriends are becoming best friends with their mother and, you know, on Sunday I fed my mom dinner,” Miller said.

Seth and Lauren want to keep organizing fun events to get young people “excited” about participating and helping. Rogen says, “It’s such a bummer of a disease, you almost have to have the most fun charity event imaginable to counteract that weight in some way and make people excited about participating. But I think we’re making it a part of a conversation it’s not normally a part of.”

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