Sexiest celebs who love junk food

Being a celebrity means constantly being in the spotlight and that’s one of the reasons many stars are so obsessed with their looks. They watch what they eat and they rarely skip their workout sessions, but even the most perfect of Hollywood beauties need a little indulgence from time to time. These ladies revealed their favorite forbidden foods.

Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson got into the best shape of her life while shooting Avengers but when filming wrapped the star admitted she turned to her favorite indulgence – buffalo chicken wings. “I am addicted to them,” she told FOX411. “You will have to roll me down the red carpet next time you see me.”

Nicole Scherzinger

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Former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger returns to her Hawaiian roots to satisfy her cravings. “I love dried tuna dipped in soy sauce, kalua pig [pork cooked in an underground oven], banana pancakes with coconut syrup and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts,” she told Shape magazine. “My gosh, I could gain 10 pounds just talking about those foods.”

Christina Ricci







Christina is a huge fan of fast food and she doesn’t hide it. “My favorite forbidden food is Cheetos and any kind of McDonald’s. I once ate McDonalds three times in one day,” she confessed to the Huffington Post.

Britney Spears







Britney Spear’s weakness seems to be chocolate. In an interview with a UK magazine, she cited affection for Scores, and if she’s really hungry “then a Snickers bar is good. And M&Ms are great, Hershey’s Whoppers are great, Raisinettes… Twixes are great too. And the new Hershey’s Cookies & Cream, too.”

Jennifer Aniston







For Jennifer Aniston, Mexican food is her weakness. She loves it so much, she’d want it for her last meal. “It’d be chips and guacamole, quesadillas, enchiladas, a big tostada salad and nachos,” she told Stylist magazine.

Jessica Simpson







Jessica Simpson has admitted to some very sinful addictions that seem to have carried over from her first pregnancy. Speaking to Extra magazine in 2012, she said: “I had a buttered Pop-Tart this morning. I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft Mac & Cheese, Pop-Tarts, Cap’n Crunch. Everything’s filled with sugar.” She also told Jay Leno in March about indulging in “slutty brownies,” a three-layer desert of cookie dough, Oreo cookies and brownie mix.

Jennifer Lawrence







Jennifer Lawrence is not afraid to profess her love for unhealthy food and eating in general, and that’s probably why everyone loves her so much. During a red carpet interview about her eating habits, she brought up the Kate Moss quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and promptly replied, “I can name a lot of things that taste better than skinny feels. Potatoes, bread…Philly cheese steaks and fries.”

Jessica Biel







Many strict celebrity diets allow ‘cheat days,’ and that’s just what Jessica Biel lived for when she was shooting Total Recall, telling U.K. talk show host Graham Norton she gorged on pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts while out with her girlfriends. “We ran in, I got 24 donuts,” she said. “We went to a pizza joint and we got two large pizzas. I sat in the car and I put as much bread and dough in my mouth as I could possible manage.”

Cameron Diaz







Cameron just can’t say no fries. “When there’s French fries around, nothing’s safe – don’t even get your hand in there! I don’t even chew, I just go like ‘Aaaargh!” she told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror.


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