Shailene Woodley challenged her fears for ‘Divergent’


Being scared of heights didn’t stop Shailene Woodley from climbing a giant Ferris wheel in her new movie Divergent.

The actress says that, even though she was afraid, she actually enjoyed challenging herself and her fears and finds it addictive.

“One of my biggest fears is heights. I love it, though – it’s like a sick addiction,” she explains. “I’m so afraid of heights but I love pushing myself and going higher and higher, and getting sweatier and more nervous. It’s weird.”

The Ferris scene was quite challenging for Shailene, as it was filmed in very cold temperatures in Chicago, but the actress describes it as a fun and exciting experience.


She said: “It was freezing! It was really fun, we started at 8pm at night and there was a giant harvest moon going across the sky, and we were climbing up and down for hours and hours. We got to see the sunset and the sunrise. It was really magical.”

Woodley was eager to do her own stunts, especially since this was her first action movie.

“I did as many stunts as the insurance would allow. It was exciting because I’ve never done an action film before, so to incorporate physicalities into an emotional human storyline was a new adventure,” she added.

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4 responses to “Shailene Woodley challenged her fears for ‘Divergent’”

  1. Becca says:

    What a profound human being! Such revelatory honesty!Yes, in confessing a personal fear of submarines, outer space, and Kate Winslet, one is surely prepared to encounter her true self. So, aside from the psycho-babbling narcissicism she doesn’t hesitate to display, what else did Ms. Woodley learn from working in ‘Divergent’?

  2. Nicole says:

    Well finally I see a young actress who is being honest with her fans, and who is not using stuntman in order to look as hot as she did in the movie. Awe I totally loved the “Divergent”, Shailene was just awesome in it. And her partner of the motion set was even better, well maybe he was even better due to the fact that I am a girl, so of course in the first place I would rather notice a man than a woman. But still those two are making a perfect couple together; I would love to read about them being together in real life. Who knows maybe someday it will really come true, as they both deserve being happy, and what can be better than being with a person you already know pretty well, and who has already became a friend of yours.

  3. Jess says:

    Awe I would be so happy if Shailene Woodley would become couple in real life with her partner on the “Divergent” movie Theo James. Gosh, I have never seen a man who would be more attractive than he is, he is just perfect. In the moment when she first jumped and he got her out of the net, I realized that the movie will be just awesome and I will enjoy every single minute of it. And I am glad I was not wrong about that, I have already been three times in the cinema on the “Divergent” movie, and feel like I would gladly go to see it for a few more times. I had same love towards the movie “Just go for it” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, I was watching it for hundreds of times, because it was always making my mood awesome. I guess we all need some wonderful story of love in order to know that the world is not that bad as it seems to be.

  4. Tina says:

    Hmm, well I respect Shailene Woodley for the wish to perform all the stunts by herself, but I think it was a childish thing to do, as she could fall down and even die, what for? I guess everyone is supposed to do the things he is best at, such as for example being an actress instead of trying to do things that the other person is doing much better. Showing off is not helping when you stop breathing or get injured. I know that there are actors and actresses who were breaking bones and ribs while performing due to the fact that they wanted to do everything without any help. Silly and they will keep paying for it till the rest of their lives, unfortunately that is how we pay for the mistakes we are making.