Sharif Atkins proposes to girlfriend at charity gala


Sharif Atkins is engaged. He proposed to his girlfriend Bethany Lynn Hotchkiss onstage at a fundraising benefit in New York, where he was honored for his work as an official Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile charity.

The actor took to the stage and said: “She doesn’t know I’m about to do this,” and then lowered to one knee.

“For three and a half years you stood behind me. You care and you loved me and I love you very much,” Atkins said.

“So in front of all of our family, in front of your mother and dad, my mother and dad, I would just like to … ask you to marry me.”

Bethany shouted “Yes!” from the audience.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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One response to “Sharif Atkins proposes to girlfriend at charity gala”

  1. Samanta says:

    I am happy for the couple. This was a very romantic decision. Just look at how happy Bethany Lynn Hotchkiss is. He definitely reached his goal of an unexpected proposal. I wish them a great common family life much happiness and love!