Sigourney Weaver couldn’t get roles because she was too tall

The 67th Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals

It’s not easy to make it in Hollywood, especially if you are a six-foot tall woman.  Sigourney Weaver says nobody wanted to work with her at the beginning of her career because of her height.

“When I started, hardly anybody wanted to hire a woman who was six feet tall,” she explains. “Which man wants to spend their shooting days on the set on an apple box just to be able to look into my eyes?”

But as important as it was for Weaver to have a successful career, having a family meant even more to her.

“I feel sorry for women like Katharine Hepburn,” she said. “She might have won four Academy Awards, but she never got to enjoy what it means to be a mother. I find that very sad.”

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