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Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about a celebrity who has checked into a rehab, or has confessed to having drinking problem. These things are quite common and probably have to do with all the pressure famous people are exposed to. Or maybe they just like to party too much. But, as there’s an exception to every rule, there are also stars who have embraced sobriety. Check them out.

Tobey Maguire








Maguire hasn’t had a drink for 15 years after admitting that he struggled with booze as a teen. He said: “It doesn’t seem like I’m made to have a little bit of alcohol – it seems to be I’m made to have more than a little bit! I had a lot of fun, but what it did cumulatively to my life was not worth it.”

Jennifer Hudson








“I’ve never done anything, so that was hard to play this role [of a heroin addict]. I’ve never had a drink in my life. I’m sober. I’m like, ‘Okay, this is new to me.’ Normally as an actor, you have things to pull from. I was like, ‘I don’t know what it’s like to feel any of that,” Hudson said on Chelsea Lately earlier this month.

Jada Pinkett Smith

SHOWBIZ Insider 1







The actress hasn’t touched alcohol for eight years after fearing her drinking habits would spiral, “I found myself drinking two bottles of wine on the couch and I said, ‘Jada, I think we’ve got a problem here.’ From that day on I went cold turkey; I haven’t had a drink in eight years.”

Bradley Cooper








Cooper became sober at 29 after purposefully bashing his head into a concrete floor at a party. “I don’t drink or do drugs anymore,” he told People. “Being sober helps a great deal … I remember looking at my life, my apartment, my dogs when I was still using, and I thought, ‘What’s happening?’”

Blake Lively








“I don’t drink. I’ve never tried a drug,” she told Allure. “It’s just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for. I grew up with the mindset that after work you go to dinner and watch a movie. I don’t want to go to a club and not wear panties.”

Edie Falco








Despite playing a drug addict on television as Nurse Jackie, Falco has been sober for 21 years. She described her recovery to the New York Post as “It’s like learning to ride a bike, you know? You have to get your bearings and you have to stay stable. And balanced.”

Kim Kardashian








“I do not drink alcohol at all. My sisters drink, so when they get a little crazy, I am there to pull them down,” she told People.

Matthew Perry








The former Friends star hasn’t drank since entering rehab in the late ’90s for an addiction to Vicodin. He told ABC News in May 2013, “The thing that I’m most proud of in my life is that if a stranger came up to me and said, ‘I can’t stop drinking. I can’t stop drinking. Can you help me?’ I can say, ‘Yes, I can help you.’”

Katy Perry








Katy made the decision to be sober so she could focus on her career. “You have to bust your a** at this which is why you don’t find me getting s**t faced in bars… It’s so intense, it’s like you catch a rocket and you’re hanging on for dear life and you’re like, ‘Go!’”

Gerard Butler








The actor has struggled with alcoholism throughout his life, so as a result he has had to give it up permanently. “I can’t remember drinking. When I stopped, I would look at a beer and think how great it would be. I’d get this pang in my stomach to go back out and have fun, but then I’d remember that I used up that right – that I did a full life’s worth of drinking between 14 and 27.”

Natalie Portman

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party







Vegan actress admits that she was a late bloomer, which is why she’s never been a big drinker. “OK, so I didn’t really go to high school parties, and yeah, I didn’t touch pot till I was in my 20s. I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways,” she told Marie Claire.

Jennifer Lopez








She works hard to stay in great shape and is aware that drinking is not good. “I think that ruins your skin. Of course, during celebratory toasts, everybody’s like, ‘You can’t toast with water!’ So I’ll toast with alcohol and just take a sip,” she told InStyle.

Kim Cattrall








“I’m not a big drinker and when I do, I get a headache. I don’t drink or take drugs so clothes are my only mood enhancer,” Kim said.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise







Tom Cruise doesn’t like to drink because he reportedly doesn’t like the feeling of not having control over his faculties. He doesn’t smoke or do drugs either.


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