Spotted: Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse

1363695765_bradley-cooper-article Bradley Cooper’s love life is just as exciting as his acting career. A 38-year-old star was spotted with his 18 years younger new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. The couple enjoyed the sites of Boston on March 18 and this is the second time the two have been spotted together in public. First time they were seen together was in February while they were driving in the same car.

Suki is a British model and she is also a musician and actress. This multi-talented girl once explained that her creativity needs an outlet. “I’m not looking to be a pop star or anything, but it’s nice to be creative. I feel like I have to do that, otherwise I’d go a bit nuts”, she said in an interview for the Love magazine. She started modeling when she was 16. Suki’s rep didn’t want to comment on her relationship with Cooper but the fact is that she came to Boston to visit him on the set. An unnamed source said: “He’s really into her.”

Bradley is in Beantown at the moment where he is filming the Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project about the FBI operation that ended in the conviction of United States Congressmen.

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