Stars who look older than they are

With all the beauty products, various treatments and cosmetic procedures available and more than enough money to pay for them, it’s no wonder so many celebrities look way younger than they really are. However, there are certain stars who don’t follow this rule and appear to be a bit older than their age. Check them out.

Margot Robbie








The Wolf of Wall Street star is no doubt one of the hottest actresses of today, but she does look more mature than she actually is. Believe it or not, Margot is only 23 but she certainly looks a bit older than that.

Angelina Jolie








Another Hollywood beauty that looks absolutely amazing, but still more mature than she is. Maybe it’s because she’s so poised, or maybe it’s because she’s lived such a full life, but Angie seems like a gorgeous 40-something. She is in fact 38, which is 12 years younger than Brad Pitt and 7 years younger than his ex, Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Lawrence








Jennifer Lawrence is goofy, gorgeous and seems like she can get along with just about anyone. Her appeal spans generations — teens loved her in The Hunger Games, adults loved her (Oscar-winning performance) in Silver Linings Playbook. After two Academy Award nominations and one win, it seems like Jennifer should be approaching her 30s, but this girl is only 23.

Lindsay Lohan








Lindsay has been known to crack under the pressures of fame. From rehab to bar fights and automobile accidents galore, Lindsay Lohan has dealt with more public controversy in her 27 years than most of us will see in a lifetime! Which is probably why the troubled star looks a bit older than her age. Constant scrutiny has definitely worn on Lohan over the years, and drug and alcohol use certainly hasn’t helped. Cosmetic surgeons say that she has the skin of a middle-aged woman due to her excessive partying, tanning and substance abuse.

Jason Segel








Jason Segel is adorable, there’s no doubt about that. But we always thought that the 34-year-old How I Met Your Mother star was closer to forties than thirties. Segel could easily pass as an older gentleman but he is still very handsome.

Billy Bob Thornton








Some people say that Billy Bob Thornton looks good for his age. But they never say he looks young for his age. Billy is in his 50’s, but he looks close to 70. It’s been rumored that he’s had plastic surgery and Botox injections to look younger. Maybe he should try something else.









She has a great body, but the face of a middle-aged woman. Fergie is 39 but definitely looks older than that. She blames a past drug addiction to crystal meth for her older appearance. Either way, she’s starting to look much older than her husband Josh Duhamel.

Blake Lively








Her role as Serena in the television series Gossip Girl earned Blake a lot of fame, but her time may run out faster than her age peers as she already looks years ahead of her 26 years of age. Therefore, it’s good for her that she isn’t worried about aging. “Are you kidding me? I’m really excited! The older I get, the more wise I feel, the more experiences I have, the more I travel,” Lively told Elle magazine.



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