Teri Hatcher hopes her character in ‘Planes’ will inspire girls

'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 15 Jul 2013 Actress Teri Hatcher voices the character of mechanic Dottie in Disney’s new animated film Planes and she hopes that the movie will inspire young girls and make them see that they can be successful in any career they want.

The actress said: ”I play Dottie and she is a realist but she’s also supportive and helpful and she’s a great friend. And she’s cute. I think they could easily have made a male friend be the mechanic who takes care of the planes and they chose to make it a girl character so yeah I have a secret fantasy that girls will see this movie and want to buy little plastic mechanic tools because we should keep throwing a little pebble in that pond and trying to push through the barriers.”

teri_hatcher_planesJohn Lasseter, the executive producer of the movie, says that Dottie is based on the strong women in his own life, including his wife Nancy. ”I have a wife named Nancy and I’m surrounded by strong women at work and so we wanted to have a strong female character. We wanted this tough character in the movie to be a mechanic and Teri is fantastic, she’s so great in the role as this sweet and wonderful character,” he said.

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