Tom Hanks doesn’t like violence in film

tom hanks reuters 660 2013 One of the most successful Hollywood actors, Tom hanks, doesn’t like violence in the movies. Speaking about the trend in movie industry, Hanks criticized the portrayal of violence in modern cinema.

He said: ”We got into another era where it becomes the kind of glamorous it can be to fire guns and blow up buildings and stuff like that. And I understand that to a degree, but even when I was young I wanted to see films that somehow reflected my world or the world as I understand it or an authentic take on how complicated we all are.”

The actor says he appreciates James Bond type of movies but he doesn’t enjoy the latest action films that have taken over Hollywood.

ENTERTAINMENT-GER-CINEMA-CLOUD ATLASHe explained: ”While there’s always room for a fabulous James Bond movie with a great action sequence in it, there is without doubt another type of film out there that is not that interested in it, there’s no moralization that goes on, and I simply don’t choose to see them. There have always been movies like that and it’s just that now they are part and parcel of the grand commerce of the motion picture industry.”

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