Tom Hanks wants to direct again

tom-hanks-afi-fest-2013-presented-by_3941921 Having directed two movies so far, Tom Hanks is thinking about his third.

The actor is fascinated withdirecting but thinks he still has a lot to learn. ”I am still absolutely fascinated by the process.

There are things in my head. I am flabbergasted by the process, however,” Hanks said.

”As an actor, everything I get to do is instinctive and completely personal. I don’t even have to talk to anybody about what’s going on in my head. As a director, it’s the complete opposite – you to have to tell everybody what you’re thinking. I think that my storytelling ability is natural when I’m an actor; when I’m a director, it’s an unnatural craft, an unnatural talent I have not fully developed.”

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One response to “Tom Hanks wants to direct again”

  1. Jina says:

    I love Tm Hanks as an actor and as director too. I believe this is just another stage of hi profession – another side of his talent. Tom is a many-sided personality and I like this about him and I like his devotion to cinematography and his vocation. He is doing the best at anything he take to do in movies. I cannot wait for his next directed movie. I hope he enjoys what he does for many years to come.