Top 10 annoying stars in Hollywood

Top 10 annoying stars in Hollywood There are celebrities who always surprise us, with a new haircut, or a new image, or maybe some more serious changes in their carrier and personal life, and of course it is very pleasant for us to read this news, as we are very happy for them. And from the other side, there are stars that annoyed us so much, with all the not very decent behavior that we are feeling a strong wish to close the magazine or the website as soon as we see their faces. Here is the list of the most annoying celebrities in 2014.

Paris Hilton

Paris HiltonThe absolute leader, and the person who has the first place in the rating, is the heiress of the huge Hilton Empire, Paris Hilton, she has seventy percent in the rating. But that is quite an obvious thing without even making up all kind of ratings; she is a “singer” and an “actress”, though for both of those professions she is not very talented. American people have made a certain impression about the star, they think that the cougar is not ever getting out of all kind of tabloids, as well as various scandals. It is difficult to call her an actress, even though she has more than nineteen works in the movies.  The movie “Beauty and the monster” where she performed the main role, according to one of the most popular websites about cinema, has become the worst movie in the history. Actually a variety of her so called “fans” have said that the home video that she has posted in the internet was much more interesting when all of her movies gathered together. Probably she is more talented in another genre of movies, but probably didn’t figure it out yet. Sooner or later she will learn that money cannot buy everything and that it is about time to learn something new, like for example the art of performance.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanThe second place goes to one of Paris Hilton best friends in the far, far past- Lindsay Lohan. She has sixty one percent of meddlesomeness. She is considered as the worst girl in Hollywood. The drugs she was consuming in the toilet of one of most famous clubs in los Angeles, her house that was robbed (by one of her friends by the way), her driving under influence of alcohol, the multiple complaints of her neighbors- those are practically the most important news about her, and as a result this way she never stops “blinking” in the media. The star of the youth comedies Lindsay Lohan was recognized as the worst actress and was “honored” with the Golden Raspberry award at once in a few different nominations for the movie “I know who kill me”. Today Lindsay is one of the most expected guests in all kind of possible rehabs, as soon as she gets out of it she tries to do something about her carrier, to start working again, but usually this wish of hers is not lasting for too long as she always is getting back to her vicious habits, that are simply ruining her life, and the worst thing is that there is no one by her side who could have help her getting out of the bad atmosphere she got drowned in.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela AndersonThe third place goes to the woman who was holding hearts of a plenty of men for many, many years in a row- Pamela Anderson, the blonde “freaked out” fifty one percent of people who voted. The Playboy’s model who got significantly old, is practically not that much of an actress anymore (well she never even was very talented) has became more of a cultural phenomenon now. As there are practically are not many people in the world who would remember some of her other roles besides “Baywatch “ and the action movie that was called “Don’t call me babe” and for some reason was not the total failure of the year. A big quantity of scandals, weddings, and divorces are helping her maintaining same level of fame, but this fame is not based on her talent. One of the recent movies with her appearance “Blonde and blonde”, she actually performed the main part in it, has become a total disaster and brought losses instead of benefits. The good thing is that the famous blonde is still getting invitations to attend certain parties; this is helping her to maintain the level of living she is used to, but no one knows for how long it will work for her, it all depends on her annoying behavior.

Nicole Richie

Nicole RichieThe forth place is occupied by another best friend of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie. A long time ago Nicole and Paris were simply in separate, wherever they were going, they were always together, and sometimes were even wearing same dresses. People around them were getting the idea that possibly they are sisters even. And everything changed out of the sudden, rumors say that two of the best friends fell in love into same man, and even though he was closer to Nicole, Paris could not understand that issue and as a result started treating Nicole in a very badly way. Nicole Richie has also fifty one percent of the rating, as Pamela Anderson. The difference between those women and Nicole is mostly about the fact that Nicole is mostly a cougar and a fashion designer than an actress. She performed as a guest star in a few TV shows, but unlike her ex best friend Paris Hilton, she is able to admit that she is not that good about performing and it is better to do something that you are really able to do, instead of things that were simply not meant for you. Richie enjoys all kind of photo sessions in the fashion magazines, and it is a good advertising for her own lines of jewelry and clothes for pregnant women.


Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate OlsenOne of the famous twins that were driving crazy people of all ages with their cute faces and mischievous behavior on the television, Mary Kate Olsen has gathered forty four percent of the rating and is placed as number five in our rating. Actually she is placed much higher in the rating than her twin sister Ashley Olsen, due to the fact that in 2008 she had a relationship with the actor Heath Ledger who as soon as she breaks up with him has committed a suicide. Probably not every day from this or that point of view the entire society hates you and blames you for the death of the person you used to be with. That has became the beginning of the crush, as little by little her reputation of a good girl started crushing like a broken glass, and people were started not to smile at her cute pictures, but feel some other, vice versa emotions. Even her appearance in the mega popular around teenagers TV show “The Loosies” didn’t make her looking better. Currently the actress is in a relationship with a famous banker and the brother of the France’s president Olivier Sarkozy.  Not a long time ago Olivier has proposed his little girl (the age difference between the couple is quite significant), and she answered with one simple word “yes”.

Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianNumber six in our rating goes to the famous and scandalous Kim Kardashian; she possesses forty three percent of the rating. She as well as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie is the person who never practically leaves parties. She hasn’t performed a lot in the movies, as far as for know the most significant roles that she performed are in the movie “Terrible movie” and in “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor”. Most likely she hasn’t performed the main roles in her life yet, as before she was busy appearing in the reality show about her family “The Kardashians”, and later she started all the preparing to her own wedding with the rapper Kanye West. Actually considering the fact that they are engaged and have a daughter together, her reputation little by little is getting better, as people love Kanye West too much in order to get rid of him that simple. And it is a fact that for him there is nothing more important that Kim, he is able to do anything that she wants, as for him she is a goddess, and he was building his way towards her heart for a way too long time, in order to even think about losing her. Not to mention the fact that Kim Kardashian was the woman who made him a father.


Tom Cruise

Tom CruiseThe other annoying star for the society has become the famous “Top GunTom Cruise who is placed on the seventh place, and has thirty nine percent of the rating. Ten years ago or even more everyone loved his mischievous smile, that has became a sort of pass for him into the Hollywood’s society at the beginning of his carrier. Nowadays regardless of the news where he appears he is obsessed about scientology and speaks about it all the time. Due to the fact that he got so deep into scientology he lost both of his wives. First he lost Nicole Kidman who tried really hard to get him back and have the normal Tom that she was used to, but no matter how hard she tired the beliefs that he had stuck in his head have won the challenge. Later he remarried with the young actress Katie Holmes, who used to look at him with huge Bambi eyes, but he has done everything in order to finish their relationship as well, it was a huge strike upon her when during the time she born their baby he prohibited her to scream. Rumors at Hollywood are stating that he went crazy, since he showed everything he is capable for at Oprah Winfrey’s show when he was jumping as a person out of his mind on the couch and was swearing Brook Shields for the fact that she is taking antidepressants.

Ashley Olsen

Ashley OlsenNumber eight in the rating is occupied by the other twin sister- Ashley Olsen, who happened to be not that annoying as her sister, as she has thirty seven percent of rating. Ashley loves everything that has to do with the fashion world, and in one of her latest interview she said that she likes the fashion industry much more than the cinema one, and lately she is thinking of quitting the world of cinema for good and dedicate herself to the creation of her own fashion line. Ashley is completely different from her sister Mary Kate, she is very calm and she never gives any reasons for too much attention in her private life, from the contrary she gives mostly pleasant themes for discussion and rumors, as she often speaks about having her own family and children in the nearest possible future. Rumors say that Ashley has started a relationship with a man who is much older than she is just like her twin sister Mary Kate, as after breaking up with Justin Bartha, who she always claimed as the love of her life, she was depressed for a too long period of time, when Justin married his trainer the news became a total shock for Ashley, which nevertheless has helped her to rise from the bottom of desperation and start a new path in her life.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica SimpsonThe blonde girl who was not able to see the difference between a fish and a chicken, which she clearly showed in the reality show “Newlyweds” where she took part with her ex husband Nick Lashey, Jessica Simpson is placed on the ninth place with the rating thirty six percent. The singer tried with all her heart to become an actress as well, but usually the top for her is appearing on the cover of a magazine. The last movie where she performed “The ambitious blonde” has become the failure of the year. After breaking up with Nick Lashey, Jessica’s life has changed for good, as first of all she was suffering very much,  later she started being very angry with Nick, eventually she fell into a depression, from which she was rescued by Eric Johnson. Due to his care and tenderness Jessica was able to heal her heart and start thinking about the future. Together the couple has two children: a daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson born in May 2012, and a son Ace Johnson born in June 2013.  After having children Jessica Simpson has gained a significant overweight, but due to a variety of training programs, as well as the help of her beloved man she was finally able to lose the majority of the extra pounds that she gathered.


Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn SpearsThe last in our rating would be the younger sister of the pop princess, miss Jamie Lynn Spears, who is placed on the tenth place, and has thirty three percent of the votes. She is Britney’s Spears younger sister who performed in the TV show “Zoe 101”. Of course the entire Spears family is very much under the cameras all the time, as a result Jamie’s early pregnancy (very early according to the society) has become an almost essential normal thing, what else we can discuss here. So of course people discussed this topic for awhile, but it is about time to forget about it as there are many other more important things. The person who suffered most of all from this story was Jamie Lynn’s mother who was allowing the eighteen years old Casey Aldridge to spend the nights at her house with her sixteen years old daughter Jamie Lynn. Later those two practically got married for the sake of their daughter born in 2008, but their marriage was not meant to last for too long, so five years later they broke up. Currently Jamie Lynn is married with the businessman Jamie Watson with who she was in a relationship for three years before their marriage. She is happy and stated that wants a simple life for the family, without the sneaky photographers around.

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