Top 10 Hollywood wives

Top 10 Hollywood wives Being a wife is not a very easy thing to do, as while saying “I do” you practically agree to spend the rest of your life with one single person, to bear with all the ups and downs, as well as live with good and bad features of character, as of course no one is perfect. But being a Hollywood wife is a completely different thing, as every woman who agrees to marry an actor is supposed to have angelic patience, and perfectly realize that she will not be able to build a carrier of her own, in order to take proper care of the family.

Christian Bale and Sandra “Sibi” Blazik

Christian Bale and SandraThe first in our top would be the wife of a wonderful actor Christian Bale, who is able to perform in each kind of genre, so let’s meet his lovely spouse and mother of his children Sandra “Sibi” Blazik . Sandra is a loyal and very supporting partner of her million times more popular famous husband. Since the day they met, she has dedicated her entire life first to him, and later to their children. The story of how they met each other is very interesting, as they met due to Bale’s ex girlfriend. Christian was for a sometime in a relationship with Winona Ryder, at that time Sibi was her agent. After breaking up with Winona, he once called Sandra and asked her for a date, to his surprise she agreed so fast like she was expecting this call for a long period of time. In 2000 the couple got married and together they have a baby daughter Emmeline, not a long time ago, Bale’s official representatives made public the news that Christian Bale and Sandra Blazik are expecting their second child, and rumors say that it is a boy. The famous actor has dreamed about having a son for a very long time, and finally his wife was able to give him such a precious gift he was craving for. Congratulations and lots of health to both mother and future child.

Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson

Denzel Washington and Pauletta PearsonThe second in our star rating would be Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Pearson. They met each other in 1977 on the filming of the movie “Wilma”, where Pauletta has tried performing as an actress, and it became one of her few works in the cinema world, as later she has decided to concentrate completely upon their family with Denzel. They were dating for quite a long period of time, as they got married only six years after their first meeting, though since the first day of their acquaintance they have never let go each other for too long period of time. The loving couple has four children together; the youngest children are twins who were born in 1991. It is interesting to know that in May 1995 the couple has repeated their vows about eternal love to each other in front of their family and closest friends. Denzel and Pauletta are very religious people, and believe that there wouldn’t be anything on the Earth without God and his love for people, and this is exactly the way they have grown and educated their own children. It is a well known fact that their children are not willing to follow their father’s steps regarding the choice of the carrier.

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli

Colin Firth and Livia GiuggioliColin Firth has met his future wife, the seductive and passionate Italian Livia Giuggioli in 1995, and almost two years after their acquaintance they got married. Livia is a famous Italian producer and movie director, though she was very successful in everything she was doing, she gave up on her carrier for the sake of her and Colin’s family. The happy couple has two mutual sons: Luca and Mateo, and also Colin have an elder son Will from his previous relationship, Will lives in Los Angeles. Livia leads an active social activity, she is worried with the problems of the polluted environment, but of course the most important thing for her is her husband and their children. Though, Colin is known for his cold spirit and nice character, there are a lot of unpleasant rumors about this couple and their relationship with each other, but still nevertheless they are considered one of the almost perfect couples. He became famous after performing the main role in the TV show “Pride and Prejudice”, probably in his real life, he has same features of character as his character Mr. Darcy in the movie. While performing same character for a considerate period of time, little by little you become the same person in your real life.


Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee FurnessNumber forth in our rating is possessed by Hugh Jackman and his beloved wife Deborra-Lee Furness. They met each other on the filming set of the TV show “Correlli”, in which Deborra was performing the main role. It was the year 1995, and at that time Deborra already was thirty nine years old, while Hugh was twenty six years old. She was a famous Australian actress, while he was only beginning his carrier. A few months after they met, Hugh has proposed his beloved woman, and she said “Yes”. Soon after the wedding the happy family has moved to United States of America, not only for the perspectives of Hugh’s acting carrier, but also for adopting children, as in the United States the process of adoption was much easier than in Australia (this news was spread by the couple in their interview to one of the famous magazines.). So soon after moving, the couple has adopted a boy, who is their son Oscar, and a bit later they have also adopted a girl, who is their daughter Ava. So this way they have strictly divided their obligations in the family, while Hugh is on the top of all possible Hollywood ratings, his wife Deborra-Lee is taking care of their family, and keeps the harmony and atmosphere of coziness in their home.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey and Camila AlvesThe fifth place is firmly held by famous Hollywood’s heartbreaker as well as one of the most wanted men in the entire world Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves.  They first met in the year 2007, and it was love from the first sight, as since their first meeting they always kept living together. This way in 2008 was born their first child. Before meeting Matthew, Camila had a successful carrier in the modeling business, but after meeting her love, she changed the priorities in her head and decided to dedicate herself completely to the family. And she already has a big family, as before their wedding with Matthew which was in 2012, they already had two children. And in the next year, the happy family welcomed their third child. And it is not their limit, as rumors say that Matthew as soon after getting the Oscar told to Camila that he wants a forth baby in their family. So if getting a few years back, we realize that his words in one of the interview to the Esquire magazine, about meeting Camila were “Finally I have met the woman in my life with whom I am ready to create a family”.  And he didn’t lie; he kept his word, as today we see a great and happy family with always smiling faces.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming

Bruce Willis and Emma HemingThe sixth place goes to the rough and tough Bruce Willis, who was able to find the love of his life twice per lifetime. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming have met each other on the filming set of the movie “The Perfect Stranger”. And as soon as Bruce saw the innocence and the sincerity of the young and beautiful Emma, he allowed her the chance of winning his heart. She was the woman who was able to heal the wounded heart and soul of one of the toughest men in Hollywood, who was suffering his breakup with the ex wife Demi Moore for many years in a row. Emma and Bruce got married in 2009, and for the sake of her husband and their family, Emma has finished her modeling carrier, and now is fully dedicated to her husband and their daughter Mabel Ray Willis (she was born in 2012), and not a long time ago the happy family welcomed their second daughter Evelyn Penn Willis, who was born in May 2014. Bruce is stating that he never was happier than he is with Emma as she is the woman who understands him, and is there for him all the times he needs her to be. Though they have significant age difference, Emma says that it doesn’t mean anything to her, as their family is the most important thing, and age is nothing when both souls are on the same path.

Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan

Amelia Warner and Jamie DornanThe seventh place is held by the newlyweds Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan. Though they are married not for a very long period of time, but still nevertheless they were already able to show their love to the entire world, as well as proving it by having a daughter. Jamie is a famous Irish actor who is firmly doing great steps in his carrier, and the entire world is eager about seing the movie “Fifty shades of the grey color” where performed the main part. And the succesful movie actress Amelia had literally  “freezed” her carrier in the world of cinema, as family for her became the most important thing in life. the good thing is that Jamie is always there for her and supports her with everything he can. Before Jamie, Amelia was in a relationship with Colin Farell, who is also an Irish actor but much more succesful than Dornan, so the process of courting Amelia, was pretty difficult for Jamie, but luckily his born charm and kindness have helped him winning the heart of the gorgeous Amelia. And today he is proud to be not only her husband, but also the father of their child.
Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth
Elsa Pataky and Chris HemsworthThe eighth place is held by the famous actors Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth. Their breathtaking love affair has started in the summer of the year 2010, and already a few months later they got engaged. The young “Thor” and Elsa got married ten months later after their first meeting. Chris has a great future, as he has a contract with Marvel Studios, and a variety of other projects he is engaged in. while Elsa has found her own place in this world, although she is quite a famous actress as well, she is not looking for fame and glittering in the eyes of the society. She loves the tranquility at home, and enjoys the harmony family life that she and Chris have created together. During four years of being together Elsa and Chris have created a big family. In 2012 was born their first daughter India Rose, and in March 2014 were born their sons twins- Tristan Hemsworth and Sasha Hemsworth. So during the time her husband Chris is hardly working in different movies, Elsa is taking care of their huge house and family, for their sake it was very easy for her to give up on her carrier no matter how much she loved it.

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum

Jenna Dewan and Channing TatumThe ninth place goes to Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum for the fact that they are the most romantic couple in Hollywood.  It is amazing the fact that since the day they met each other nine years ago, on the filming set of “Step Up” they have never spend even a day without each other. Their affair in the movie was very romantic and touched the souls of many people in the world, but same was the situation in their family life, they also were very romantic, and each free moment they had from filming they were spending with each other almost never stopping holding each other’s hands.  In 2009 they got married, and in 2013 was born their first daughter. Channing in one of the interviews he gave after his daughter was born said, that in the first few months of life of their daughter Everly his wife was getting very tired, and now it is much easier for them. Anyways, Channing who has a very busy working schedule and his wife Jenna with their daughter Everly look very perfect together. This couple is a great example of united family, which is worth being followed, and hopefully some time later they will make their fans and admirers even happier for them while welcoming a second child.

Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki

Genevieve Cortese and Jared PadaleckiThe tenth but not the last place is held also by two famous actors: Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki. They met each other on the filming set of the TV show “The Supernatural”, actually it was by the time it was filmed the fourth season which made Jared famous throughout the entire world, and there Genevieve was playing the role of a demon Ruby. In 2010 the couple got married after which Genevieve has decided to give up on her name and take her husband’s last name, so now her name is Genevieve Padalecki, but the old admirers know her due to her previous name. In 2012 was born their first child, and in 2012 was born their second son, since the born of their second son, Genevieve has token a time out in her carrier in order to be able to watch her children without using the help of babysitters, as she wanted to see herself their first steps, to hear their first words and to be there for them all the time they will need her. She is educating their children and is supporting her husband who keeps performing in the popular TV show.



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3 responses to “Top 10 Hollywood wives”

  1. Mandy says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think that Denzel Washington is not that much a lucky family man, as it is pretty clear to me that his wife is the person who is the main one in the family; it is pretty obvious on her face that she is being this way. And poor Denzel cannot do anything about it as he is a very religious person, and according to this religion he cannot divorce, as a result he is supposed to spend his life with the person he has chosen a long time ago, but what if he doesn’t really want that? Pauletta Pearson is a very strong woman who has a lot of connections in many fields, and the bad thing is that in her family life she is more likely than same bossy woman. Probably that is the reason why Denzel spends so much time at his work.

  2. tilly says:

    For me the marriage between Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman is some non sense marriage. I mean how come they got married and have a family together, what things do they have in common? They have a huge age difference, at the same time Hugh is one of the most beautiful and wanted men on this Earth, why? Why for the God’s sake e is with that woman instead of finding someone young and able to born him children? That is a huge mystery for me. I think adopting children is very good, but only in the case when you are physically unable to have children of your own, while Hugh I am sure can have children, after all not he is the old person in the relationship.

  3. Gabi says:

    Awe I am so, so happy for Bruce Willis, and for the fact that he was finally able to find his happiness. The entire divorce thing with Demi Moore has made him really miserable. He tried to get her back for a too long time, and I always was sad for the fact that he could not. But now I realize that everything is perfect the way it is. Everyone in this world got exactly what deserved. He got a young loving wife who really cares about him, and who already gave birth to two of adorable children of theirs, while Demi Moore who used to play with his heart and was with Ashton Kutcher after their marriage with Bruce has stayed alone not needed by anyone.