Top 10 most expensive birthdays

Top 10 most expensive birthdays Celebrities do not understand why should they pay some huge taxes, if this amount of money they can spend during one night partying with the Hollywood chic? Here is the rating of the stars who spent some huge amount of money for their birthday party, as well as here are some eccentric billionaires who are not used to economy their assets.

Hassanal Bolkiah

Hassanal BolkiahThe first place goes to Hassanal Bolkiah who has spent twenty seven millions of dollars while celebrating his fifty years old birthday, with a reception, caviar and exotic drinks in 1996. The guest star on his birthday was Michael Jackson who performed a concert in front of the other guests for sixteen millions of dollars. Hassanal was born in July 1946; he is a sultan of Brunei. He graduated “Victoria” university in Kuala Lumpur and the Royal Academy in Great Britain. Since 1964, when he turned eighteen years old he is a prince. In 1967 he finished the military academy while being a captain. In October 1967 he was declared a sultan. And in August 1968 he went through the crowning ceremony. In 1984 he became the prime minister, and the minister of finances as well as the minister of defense at the same time. It is interesting to know that in 2010 personal fortune of the sultan was rated close to twenty billions of dollars. His castle which was built in 1985 has one thousand seven hundreds eighty eight rooms- which is the world record according to the dimensions of a castle.  It is interesting to know that Bolkiah has a personal collection of automobiles, according to some sources in his collection there are from three to seven thousands of cars, where there are more than six hundreds of Rolls Royce cars and about a thousand of Ferrari cars.

Britney Spears

Britney SpearsOn the second place of our ranking Britney Spears who spent her thirty years old in Las Vegas, as it coincided  also with the release of her new album, which is called “Britney Jean”. The entire show was in the hotel “Planet Hollywood” where the star is planning to perform for the next two years, in the show “Britney: Piece of me”. On the red carpet, the singer was hugging her fans and giving autographs, she was very happy. The entire party has cost her more than thirteen millions, though she was not singing either one of her songs, instead of it there were acrobats, snakes and dancers, and during the show where sounded the singer’s best songs. It is interesting to know that beside a singer, Britney is also doing a variety of things, such as having a perfume of her own; actually she has more than ten perfumes, which are sold pretty well throughout the entire world. At the same time the singer is planning to write her own memoirs, where she plans to make a confession of her entire life. Also the singer currently is planning to design her own fashion line, and is working very hard upon it, as one day she wants to leave the stage, and in the moment when she will do it, she wants to make sure that she has a backup.

Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth BrooksOn the third place is situated Elizabeth Brooks, her father David who made a fortune while producing life vests, has spent ten millions of dollars on his daughter’s birthday party. That was exactly the amount of money he has paid for the appearance on the birthday of such stars like Aerosmith, The Eagles, Ciara and the rapper 50 Cent, who sing for the guests during the party. It is interesting to know that though David Brooks is considered to be one of the roughest people in the business industry in reality he is one of the most carrying fathers in the world. He tries to spend as much time with his daughter as possible, and does everything he can in order to make her happy, as she is his little princess. Even if the relationship with her mother didn’t really work out, that didn’t affected in any way his relationship with the daughter, who loves her father more than anything in the world, and is already thinking about going to Business School in order to learn the art of business negotiation in order to help her father in the future, as well as being able to become his follower.  This fact makes her father being very proud of her.

The Eagles

The EaglesThe forth place in the rating goes to an anonymous person, who was rich enough in order to spent six millions of dollars for only one song performed by “The Eagles” music band, which was sung life on his private party, that was the legendary “Hotel California” song. The band was created by Don Henley and Glenn Fry in Los Angeles in 1971. At the beginning the producer of the band was Linda Ronstadt, and the members of it were gathered from rock bands of various music flows. That was the reason why they changed various music flows. The first great hit of the band was the song “Witchy Woman” released in 1972 where were mostly blues elements, their second album “Desperado” was aired in 1973 and was mostly with cowboy theme, and only their third album “On the Border” in 1974, has brought them to the top of various music charts. The classic rock mixed with country music kept staying the basis of Eagles and the basis for the fourth album called “One of these nights” released in 1975. This was the period when the energy full “muscle” rock has significantly increased its auditory. The band exists already for more than thirty five years old, and keeps being one of the most wanted on each party.

David Bonderman

David BondermanThe fifth place was earned by the billionaire, and the founder of the Texas Pacific Group Investment Fund David Bonderman who is a real rocker in his soul, the investor has invited the Rolling stones band on his sixty years old birthday party and for it he paid seven millions of dollars. David was born in 1944. In 1963 he graduated the Washington University in Seattle. In 1966 he finished law school at Harvard. He tried to know all the legal details, and a variety of teachers have seen a very talented businessman in him.

After graduating the university he decided to start his own carrier, this way he become a co-founder of law firm “Arnold & Porter”, the main office of which is located in Washington. This firm was specializing on corporate, securities and antimonopoly.

David is the founder of the company “Texas Pacific Group” and its Asian branch. The total capital of the company is more than twenty billions of dollars. Offices of the company are located in more than one hundred twenty countries of the world, and there are employed more than five hundred fifty thousands of people.

Currently Bonderman lives in Dallas, in 2007 he was listed on the one hundred fifth place of billionaire rating according to “Forbes” magazine, his capital was estimated at approximately 3,3 billion of dollars.

Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen SchwarzmanOn the sixth place we see the sixty years old birthday party by Stephen Schwarzman. Who have spent five million dollars on his five hundred of invited people.

Stephen’s carrier in the financial sector has begun with the bank Donaldson and Lufkin. After finishing the business school he was invited to work for Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, he has chosen Lehman Brothers, where by the time he was thirty one years old he got the position of Managing Director.

In 2007 Stephen has entered the list of one hundred most influential people in the world due to achievements he has made during his carrier.

In March 2008, the business man has announced that he will allocate one hundred of millions on expansion of New York’s public library, in which he is the member of the Board of Trustees. One of the buildings on the corner of the library now has the name of Stephen Schwarzman. In 2011 Schwarzman took the fifty second places in the list of the four hundred richest American people according to Forbes magazine which estimated his fortune at almost five billions of dollars.

Andrey Melnichenko

Andrey MelnichenkoRussian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko was born on 8 March, so that is the reason why every family celebration he turns into a spectacular event. In 2005 on his wedding performed the famous American singer Cristina Aguilera, who only for one song has become richer with four millions of dollars. A bit later, same year Andrey has spent two million of dollars for the forty minutes concert by Jennifer Lopez, the pop diva performed on the birthday of his wife, and it is interesting that actually the honorary of the singer was eight hundred thousands of dollars, the rest of the amount spent was left on the transportation of the star and her team. According to the rating of the Forbes magazine which was published in March 2013, the fortune of the famous businessman has reached almost fifteen billion of dollars, and he took the fifty sixth places in the world’s richest people rating. Andrey is married with Alexandra Nikolic, who before marriage was a part of a popular music band in Yugoslavia “Models”. Andrey’s weak point is yachting, in 2008 after four years of construction was built his personal yacht which is 119 meters of length and 19 meters –width. There are fourteen rooms on the yacht.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi CampbellOn the eighth place is situated Naomi Campbell, on her thirty six years old birthday the famous “black panther” (the model got this funny nickname due to her behavior, she was arrested many times and was summoned to court for harassment and the use of physical force against people who are working for her) has arranged a three days celebration in one of the luxurious hotels in Dubai- the model has fully leased an eighteen floors building for its guests. Each day of celebrating had its own interesting theme, like for example day one was “All in White”, day two was “Hip Hop” party, and day three was “Brazilian samba”. The cost of the entire party was almost two millions of dollars.

In 2006 on the ceremony “Woman of the Year” which was hosted by Glamour magazine, she got a special award for her impact in the glamorization of the society. The model appears on a regular basis on the covers of various magazines with erotic content, and participates in shows of different fashion houses, such as: Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana or Versace. It is interesting to know that the top model along with Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington has opened a chain of restaurants Fashion Café.

Paris Hilton

Paris HiltonOn the ninth place of our ranking is located Paris Hilton who spent her majority with a whole extravaganza of parties, the famous cougar and her boyfriend, as well as all of the guests kept moving from New York to los Angeles, and from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, from which they moved to Tokyo and Paris. Such a multi day trip has cost Paris, seventy five thousands of dollars on each guest. Paris was born in February 1981, in the family of Rick and Kathy Hilton. She is the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who is the founder of Hilton Hotels. Paris is the elder child in the family; she has a younger sister Nicky Hilton and two brothers Barron Hilton and Conrad Hilton.

Her childhood she spent in various places, in the hotel Waldorf- Astoria on Manhattan which is considered the New York home of the family, or in Beverly Hills, or in Hampton. Paris went to Dwight School in New York, from which she was expelled due to bad behavior, though later she still received a high school diploma. Though Paris was literally born in a golden cradle, still she was always interested to do something on her own, this way in 2000 she signed a contract with Trump Modeling Agency and this way became a professional model, later she worked with other modeling agencies, and during her carrier she presented a variety of fashion houses, and appeared on a lot covers of famous magazines.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanThe tenth and last place in our rating is occupied by the girl with “thirty three disastersLindsay Lohan. On her twentieth birthday Lindsay has invited a famous chef Kerry Simon who cooked a gourmet dinner for all of her guests. The party which was held in Malibu, to which were invited only the closest friends of the star cost her one hundred of thousands dollars. Though her carrier has started pretty fast, and was very successful, it was not meant for her to keep it this way, as she started going out with bad company, so as a result the good girl has gone bad. Lately Lindsay Lohan has become a part of various rehab centers on a constant basis, because it is pretty obvious that she cannot deal on her own with all the bad things that are happening to her, so each time she is not successful in her attempts to do something, she falls into depression and starts abusing alcohol or drugs, and as a result gets into another rehab center, till “next time”. Her family is being there for her, and they are trying to help her with anything they can, but doctors say that Lindsay will be able to overcome all of her problems only in the moment than she will want that, and not a day earlier.


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3 responses to “Top 10 most expensive birthdays”

  1. Dana says:

    I am wondering who can ever doubt that the famous, for her very bad and nasty character top model would throw a great party on her birthday. Of course no one! Especially considering the fact that till not too long time ago she was dating with a Russian billionaire Doronin, who was doing anything for her, but unfortunately her crazy character has done its main purpose, and it made him turn his back on her as well, even though he really tried, and for a few years he really was tolerating her character, as well as cleaning up all the mess she was doing. Well I guess some things just cannot be changed, and as a matter of fact I don’t even think they are supposed to, not in Naomi Campbell’s case for sure.

  2. Kelly says:

    I think the “star” of all the possible gossips and rumors Paris Hilton, cannot be forgotten in the rating of the greatest birthday parties, as the crucial thing about it is not the birthday itself, but the word party! Paris Hilton is one of the girls who would never calm down, and keep partying till the rest of her life, and it really is a shame, as I am sure all of her family already dreams about the time when she will bring a man into their house and present him as her future husband, I think they do not really care already how rich he will be, and what is his family about, as Paris with her lifestyle is a dark spot in the biography of the famous Hilton family.

  3. Jill says:

    Actually I should say that I feel very sad for Lindsay Lohan, as her love towards the parties and various addictions has brought her to the situation with dead end, where she is not able to deal with her own life, and realize what the things that she wants from her life are. She tries getting back to normal, and to the point where she was a star and everybody loved the cute red haired girl in the movies, but with every new scandal or rumor she appears in, she gets farer and farer away from her dream. This is the opposite side effect of abusing drugs; the worst thing is that people who tried them at least once have changed their life for good.