Top 15 world’s greatest top models

Top 10 world’s greatest top models Here is the rating of the brightest and mostly recognizable to models of the past decade. The world of fashion wouldn’t be that interesting and captivating if there wouldn’t be such beautiful women in it. Women who made an entire revolution in everything that has to do with beauty and the essence of its standards.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi CampbellNumber one model in all the eras and times would be the black cat Naomi Campbell who was able to fascinate the entire modeling world not only by her grace and elegance but also by the toughness of her character. Naomi has started her carrier in the modeling industry in 1985, by the time when she was spotted by one of the recruitment agents who invited her to a tour in Paris.  That was the beginning of great era, and even though colored models in those times were not highly appreciated, Naomi has become one of the most wanted ones in a very short period of time. The dancer Joaquin Cortes has become one of the first men in her life with who she started a serious relationship, but as soon as she caught her beloved man with the pilot of the air company “Iberia” she tried to commit a suicide as she really loved him and didn’t know how to live with the fact that he is no longer a part of her life. After this relationship she began turning the attention mostly at men who were much older than her, as she realized that intelligence and spiritual values are more important for her than youth and beauty. The other long term relationship she had with a Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin, since 2008 till 2013, but even though he was smart and patient, his angelic patience one day has also crushed and he couldn’t bear Naomi any day longer.

Tyra Banks

Tyra BanksThe second place goes to the famous model, actress, singer, producer and television presenter Tyra Banks, who became famous while working as a model in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and New York, but her commercial breakthrough was in the moment when she appeared on the television. Tyra created and is the presenter of the reality show “American Top Model”, at the same time she is presenting the show “True Beauty” with the actor Ashton Kutcher. In her shows she is teaching the young models and giving them the chance to show their skills, as a result she is giving them a chance for a carrier. Eventually it is a very nice thing of her, as practically she is raising her own competitors. It is interesting to know that beside all this activity, Tyra is a very intelligent woman, despite the common belief that all the top models usually are not very smart, she really is smart, and as a  prove of that she the author of a few books which were sold as a bestseller throughout the entire world. In 1998 she wrote the book “Tyra’s Beauty, inside and Out” the main purpose of which was helping the women to feel their natural beauty, and the second book she wrote was “Modelland” which was divided into three different books.

Heidi Klum

Heidi KlumThe third model in our list will be of course the famous Heidi Klum , who literally was challenging fate and her own carrier for four times in her life, we are talking here about the fact that she is the mother of four children, and it is not the limit in her life yet. It is interesting to know that the famous model has designed her own secret of losing weight; as a result after the last baby that she born she got back to her usual parameters in only one month. Thirty days after giving the world a new child she was already attending one of the “Victoria’s Secret” shows in the quality of the main model. Rumors say that she knows some special youth and beauty secret, as she looks amazing according to her age, as well as her body is also amazing. In one of the interviews the model has revealed her diet secret to the society, she admitted that she is drinking apple vinegar and is eating salted cabbage for a week in a row, this way all of the not needed pounds in her body are going away, and due to the acids contained in the cabbage even her face starts looking better, as well as her skin. This is a real example that is worth being followed, she is the woman who was able to succeed both in carrier and family life.

Giselle Bundchen

Giselle BundchenThe forth place belongs to the Brazilian always smiling goddess of beauty Giselle Bundchen. This model doesn’t need any introduction, her gorgeous body, bronze tan and hairstyle which looks that she just got off the beach, they have become the symbol of the Brazilian beauty. She is the most highly paid model in the world, in 2000 she made a contract with Victoria’s Secret, and since that time she likes walking on the podium where she playfully waves her angelic wings. For the past eight years, the face of the model has graced the covers of more than five hundred different magazines, and her “piggy bank” was filled with contracts with such brands like: Dolce& Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Versace. Beside that she finally has found happiness in her private life, as the last year she has married with Tom Brady, and only a few months later she became a mother. She became especially interesting since the time when she was in a relationship with the actor Leonardo di Caprio. Their relationship lasted since the year 2000 till 2005. That was the moment when she was on the peak of her carrier, and fortunately that success started being bigger and bigger by each year passing.

Freja Beya Ericson

Freja Beya EricsonThe Danish model Freja Beya Ericson is placed on the fifth place of the rating; she is one of those models who transformed the androgyny into a fashion trend. People started speaking about her in 2005, when she first appeared on the podium. The fact that such a boy like type of beauty was always a very trendy thing, as a proof of it there are many contracts with such brands like: Prada, Miu Miu, and Jil Sander. Today Freja is one of the most demanded models; furthermore she is considered the muse of the Kaiser Carl. Perhaps it is mostly due to the fact that she is being under the protection of Carl Lagerfeld, but in the following season Ericson was representing such fashion houses as Valentino, Balenciaga, and Tom Ford and of course Chanel. It is interesting to know that Freja was always dreaming of a carrier of a singer, later she joked about it, that usually people who should not sing even in the bathroom are dreaming about something like that. Surrounding people were very much surprised when they understood that she is originally from Denmark, they often expect something else from her. He model states that she doesn’t have any idols, neither once in cinema nor in music. She simply likes people who can easily express their selves by means of music.

Stella Tennant

Stella TennantOn the sixth place is the famous model Stella Tennant, it is quite possible that Freja Beha Ericson would stay without work if fashion industry would have such model as Stella- model who managed to build her own physical appearance as a androgynous cult. The bloom of her carrier was in the middle of the rebellious nineties, when were popular such styles as grunge and so called “heroin chic”.  Stella Tennant became famous after cooperation with such brand as Burberry, by the way when she first appeared on the podium, she was on the fifth month of her pregnancy, and created a furor. It is interesting to know that Stella Tennant was born in 1970 in Scotland; her parents were Duke and Duchess from Devonshire, who are the relatives of the royal family. By getting the secondary education she went to Winchester school of arts where her specialization was sculpture, in this studying she was very successful. Her carrier as a model has started when she has sent a few pictures into a few magazines.  Her not usual aristocratic appearance has captured the attention of the workers in the fashion industry. Since the beginning of her carrier she was already working only with the best photographers, such as Steven Meisel and Bruce Webber.

Agyness Deyn

Agyness DeynOn the seventh place is based the model Agyness Deyn who was calling herself Laura Hollins, when in 1999 she left her native city after winning one of the local contests of the beginning models which was held in London. While experimenting with her own physical appearance, Deyn has settled with a short haircut which became cult after it was pictured by the famous Mario Testino. Agyness has settled with the position of “trend model” with opening of jubilee Jean Paul Gautier show in 2007. Since that time her face was gracing not once the covers of various fashion magazines.  She was born in the working district of Manchester in a family of single mother, after finishing the school she went working to a pub as a server. When she was sixteen she submitted her application for participation in a local beauty contest, where she took the first place and after which she went to London. In London she went working into a night club as a bartender, as the media is stating when she was eighteen years old where she was noticed by a famous photographer and the next day a famous modeling agency “Models 1” has signed a contract with her. This way her blooming carrier in the modeling business has started.

Daria Werbowy

Daria WerbowyOn the eighth place is placed the famous Russian model Daria Werbowy who for her entire life was a lanky and thin teenager, and she never dreamed of a carrier in modeling, but the mother of one of her classmates, who was the director of modeling agency has noticed a potential in the young girl, and offered her a carrier in the modeling industry. This way being only fourteen years old she hit the fashion industry, the success has come to her much later when Steven Klein has “made” her the official face for the Prada advertising campaign. After this project were other projects, in particular the shooting for the Hypnose perfume as well as contracts with Hermes, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

The first steps in the modeling business she made when she was fourteen years old, after she won one of the local contests, and after which she worked in the studio “Susan J:Model& Talent”, later she concluded a contract with one of the most famous and ever desired modeling agencies by any girls, with “Elite Models”. In 2002 Daria came back to Canada from Milan where she planned going to a University, but since January 2003 her carrier became very successful, and has opened many more doors in the beauty world for her.


Chanel Iman

Chanel ImanOn the ninth place is based a model of breathtaking beauty- Chanel Iman. Her beauty is caused probably by the mixture of bloods that she has in her organism, her father has African roots, while her mother has African and Korean. The girl since her childhood has dreamed about podium, but the way to her dream though was not that long, was a thorny one. She first tried her luck on the “Supermodel of the World” contest that took part in the year 2006; there she took only the third place. Despite this, she was noticed, and soon she already appeared on the podium, since then she appeared on a defile not once, for such brands, as: Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Derek Lam, Victoria’s Secret and many, many others.

It is interesting to know that in October 2007 Chanel and her mother both appeared in one episode of a popular show on the television which was lead by the model Tyra Banks. In March 2009 she appeared as a correspondent in a short report for the program “House of Style” together with the model Bar Rafaeli. In September 2009 Chanel Iman has appeared in the pilot episode of one of the seasons of famous show “America’s Next Top Model” while being a judge. Currently she doesn’t think of a family of her own as she wants to concentrate completely over her carrier.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda KerrOn the tenth place is positioned Miranda Kerr. Actually this model was very well known a long time before her love affair with the actor Orlando Bloom. First of all she is the first Australian who became the face of Victoria’s Secret, and secondly in her “piggy bank” there are contracts with such brands like Prada and Jil Sander. However fame has come to her in 1996, when she won on the Australian Nation Wide Model Search contest. It is interesting to know that by that time Miranda was only thirteen years old. In 2003 Miranda started a relationship with the broker Adrian Camilleri. In 2004 she broke up with him after her boyfriend was accused of financial machinations. Some newspapers were even stating that the model was suffering from the financial point of view while following her boyfriend’s advices, but she made a decision not to sue him. Later she started a relation with the solo singer of the Tamarama music band Jay Lyon. Miranda has appeared in their video to the song “Everything to me”, their relationship lasted till 2007. In June 2010 Miranda Kerr has married with the actor Orlando Bloom.  In January 2011 was born their first child Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copland Bloom.


Lara Stone

Lara StoneOn the eleventh place is firmly based the model Lara Stone, who is called by a lot of magazines as one of the brightest models in the last decade. The reason for it mostly was about her not trivial physical appearance, her pleasant shape and amazing ability to change her look completely at a glance. Meanwhile the early fame has influenced badly upon Stone, and she admitted that it was the period of her life when she was in the period of drinking, that was the time when she behaved as a “complete alcoholic”.  Lara has managed to overcome her desire of drinking alcohol, and it was the best thing that she has ever done to herself in her entire life, as a result in her active was the partnership with such fashion houses as Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Armani. Since May 2010 Lara is married with the actor David Walliams, with who she dated only for five months before their wedding. The happy couple has a son- Alfred Walliams born in May 2013. Lara Stone is a great example of a woman who was able to overcome her vicious habits for the sake she was dreaming about, and as a result fate has brought her the happiness she was always tending for. Currently she stepped away from her carrier in order to be able to take proper care of her child.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia VodianovaOn the twelfth place is based the Russian beauty Natalia Vodianova. The story of the Russian “Cinderella” Natalia Vodianova was probably not heard only by a deaf person, the legend about the girl who worked hard since being eleven years old as a seller in a market has become one of the most highly paid models in the world, and married a English lord has passed from mouth to mouth for several years in a row. In the beginning of early 2000s her carrier reached its peak and she was named “the new Kate Moss”, despite the fact that unlike Kate, Natalia has always been an exemplary good girl.

Over the years of work in the fashion business Natalia Vodianova has worked a huge variety of brands, but she became really famous after concluding a contract with Calvin Klein.  Although her fairy tale has finished after the divorce with the ex husband British aristocrat Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, Natalia has found the power to continue living, even though it was a very difficult time of her life. She stayed a single mother of many children, which her husband has tried taking away from her. Currently she works with a few fashion houses, and is engaged to a few projects in the fashion industry.

Kate Moss

Kate MossOn the thirteenth place is placed one more model, who became famous due to her partnership with Calvin Klein ( in the year 1992, the brand has signed a contract with her for the four millions of dollars). Not the all the time partying life, or cocaine scandals were not able to break this fragile girl who according to rumors in her best times of the carrier was earning not less than ten thousands of dollars on the daily basis. Despite the fact that “Topshop” has stopped their cooperation with her, Moss keeps being still a very demanded model- for example in a new season she was representing such brands like Isabel Marant and David Yurman, as well as she is planning to launch her own reality show. There is something special about Kate Moss, as she was falling on the bottom many times in her carrier, but as the Phoenix bird she kept rising and proving one time after another that she is worthy all the success that she has ever experienced in her life. The break time in her life was in the moment when she broke up with the actor Johnny Depp, she really loved him a lot but it was just not meant for them to be together, this way she has found her tranquility in alcohol and abusing drugs. The good thing is that she was able to escape that awful time.

Cara Delavigne

Cara DelavigneOn the fourteenth place is situated the famous model Cara Delavigne who started the carrier of a model in 2009, when she was seventeen years old, from the display of the Clements Ribeiro, and only a few months later she was already participating in the show of Burberry pre fall collection. In 2012 Cara along with such models ad Edie Campbell and Jordan Dunn has became the face of the cosmetic brand Burberry Beauty. Together with the actor Eddie Redman she was the official face of the advertising campaign “spring/summer 2012” where the photographer was Mario Testino.

She participated in the advertising campaigns for “H&M”, Blumarine and Zara. The British version of the Vogue magazine has named her “the star face” of the season autumn/winter 2012-2013 in the participation for such brands, as: Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Fendi and Stella McCartney.

The founder of the modeling agency Storm Model Management Sarah Doukas said about Cara “that she has a very beautiful face along with a very charming personality, as her elder sister Poppy she is very amazing and talented. Also she is able to bring energy into the room where are situated the most boring people in the world, by bringing the question “Who is that girl”?

Janice Dickinson

Janice DickinsonOn the fifteenth place is situated the model Janice Dickinson. In the beginning of seventies she moved to New York in order to continue working as a model after her victory in the nationwide contest “Miss High Fashion”. However in the years when the modeling agencies were looking for blonde models with blue eyes with facial features completely different from the ones that Janice had. In the popular American modeling agency “Ford Models” she was refused. However the future star was never giving up and continued appearing in various modeling agencies. Luck has smiled to her in the Jacques Silverstein luck has smiled to her, at that moment Janice had a very poor portfolio which consisted of three very bad photos made by inept photographers. Janice has lied that she gave her “big” and “real” portfolio into a very large modeling agency.

But Silverstein’s girlfriend the top model Loraine Bracco (the future Oscar nominee) has believed in her talent and immediately introduced the young model to her art director- Peter Knapp who was the head of the Paris department of Vogue magazine.

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