Top celebrity Valentine’s Day gifts

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s all about romance and gifts. A research conducted by the National Retail Federation in the USA says that the average person in the USA plans to spend about $134 on presents for their special someone this February 14. However, celebrities are not average people and they spend far more. Take a look at some of the most expensive celebrity Valentine’s Day gifts.

Justin Bieber








While things have turned pretty complicated between on-off couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, they certainly spoilt each other when times were good. In 2011, Bieber bought almost all the flowers in an entire florist shop to impress his then girlfriend Selena Gomez. Costing about $2,000, he bought her all the roses, tulips and daisies available. The next year, he spent Valentine’s Day with Gomez and his family at Disneyland, but a couple of days earlier the happy couple spent a romantic night in a $2,000-a-night hotel suite in New York City. The London Hotel penthouse suite is the hotel’s largest and most luxurious, measuring 2,500 square feet.

Channing Tatum








Hollywood heart throb Channing Tatum likes to give his wife Jenna Dewan expensive jewelry from designer Neil Lane. Lane is a popular jeweler among the world’s richest people and his jewelry can range from about $5,000 for something simple through to well over $100,000 for a custom-made ring. Although Dewan doesn’t divulge the details on exactly what Neil Lane item Tatum bought her for Valentine’s Day last year, she says it was “really amazing” and “awesome”. “My husband likes to give me gifts from Neil Lane because of Sienna Miller. They were filming G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, and… She told him, ‘You have to go to Neil Lane,’ and that’s how I have my amazing jewelry collection. I got a really amazing gift last year on Valentine’s, which was awesome,” Jenna said.

Angelina Jolie








On St Valentine’s Day 2010, Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt one of the more unconventional gifts we’ve ever seen. She gifted him a 200-year-old olive tree to plant at their French chateau. The tree is estimated to be worth between $18,000 and $30,000. Their chateau has its own olive grove, plus a vineyard and a moat. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal the market for ancient olive trees is a growing one. Jolie is not shy about giving her future husband big gifts – she reportedly has also bought him a $1.6 million helicopter and flying lessons.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z








Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are known for giving each other lavish gifts and this extends to Valentine’s Day treats. For Valentine’s Day 2009, Jay-Z bought his wife a platinum-covered mobile phone that was reportedly worth $24,000. Other gifts exchanged between this pair include a $2 million car for Jay-Z on his 41st birthday, and at least two Hermes Birkin bags costing $350,000 for Beyonce at Christmas 2010. Jay-Z spent hours in the Hermes Manhattan store in a private room, spending the $350,000 on “Birkin bags, among other things” according to the New York Post.

George Clooney








Clooney splashed out in 2008 on then girlfriend Sarah Larson. The Ocean’s Eleven star went to Las Vegas for a romantic Valentine’s getaway, staying in the $40,000-a-night Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort. The happy couple, who broke up one year later, also went to the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles show and had dinner at Nove.  A meal at Nove restaurant this Valentine’s Day costs $69 per person (for a set menu). Tickets to the Beatles “Love” show at the Mirage in Las Vegas can cost up to $180 per person for the best seats.

Courteney Cox








David Arquette and Courteney Cox were married for 11 years before they split in 2010. For their last Valentine’s Day together, Cox bought her husband an antique carousel horse which reportedly could have been valued at as much as $45,000. Unlike carousel horses seen at theme parks these days, this antique item is likely to have been handmade with solid wood and brass poles.

Katy Perry








Soon after her engagement to (now ex) husband Russell Brand in 2011, Katy Perry bought him a car for Valentine’s Day. It was a lilac-colored Bentley Brooklands car, which is likely to have cost $340,000 or more.


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4 responses to “Top celebrity Valentine’s Day gifts”

  1. Sarah says:

    Love is a very deep and romantic feeling and when not to however the best as on this special day and occasion such as St. Valentine’s Day? ! When you are not restricted in finances like all the celebrities mentioned in this article, you can really make very luxurious and even crazy gifts and presents to make your special someone feel very important and loved. Still the essence is the same to show your close and dear ones how deeply you love them and need them.

  2. Ernie says:

    I guess it is so nice from Angelina Jolie to buy her husband’s a new helicopter and flying lessons for the Valentine’s day, while the poor children throughout the entire world are dying from hunger, how cool is that for the ambassador of a good will? I am very shocked how insincere people might be with each other. I hate pretending in all of its possible shapes, so when I see someone pretending to be not the person he or she really is I cannot just stand and look at it, I always feel the desire to come close and say right in the eyes everything I think about that, but my good family education does not allow me to do that, and it is a shame, as some people really do deserve to know the truth. Not to mention that I am sure that those two people really do love each other (I mean Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), I think those two just realized for a very long time that staying together is quite profitable from lot points of views and are efficiently using this in their entire life. I mean Brad Pitt loved his ex wife Jennifer Aniston so much, as well as Angelina Jolie was truly, madly and deeply in love with her hex Billy Bob Thornton, how come all of this love towards other people has suddenly vanished as soon as they met each other?

  3. Lily says:

    I love following the news about Beyonce and Jay Z, those two are a real example of a relationship for me. I have never heard or read anything about Beyonce or Jay Z dating someone else beside each other; actually I believe I have never read anything like that about any couple in Hollywood, which makes them one of the most honest couples in there. They managed to stay loyal to each other for so many years; though I am sure there were many temptations from the both sides. I do respect that and think that they really deserve celebrating this holiday; they deserved it with their unconditional love towards each other. And I do hope that many years after those two will still manage having same sparkle and same love in their eyes than they will look at each other. The only thing I didn’t quite like is that Beyonce is making a way more better gifts to her husband than he does to her, I guess this is not the right way of things, as woman is the one who is supposed to be pampered and nurtured by her man, and not the vice versa thing. As if the things are changing than the roles in a relationship might change as well, which is not a very healthy thing, if anyone understands what I mean, though I am sure a lot of people here do understand that, and if they don’t than well what can I say, their bad.

  4. Кфтвн1 says:

    Well no wonder those two got split, I am talking about Katy Perry and Russell Brand, as my personal opinion is that this guy was using Katy from the very first beginning, he was using her and her money, there wasn’t any kind of love between them, well maybe from Katy’s side, but not from his side for sure. And I am wondering where is it all coming from? How does it happen that now men are not ashamed to live at their women expense? How can they feel accomplished after that? I just hate when something like this happens. It is not the right way of things to go between a man and a woman, as woman was created by God to be fragile and beautiful while man is the provider. And when those two roles change it is not natural anymore, shame on Russell Brand for this kind of behavior. And from the other side, maybe Katy Perry has earned that, as she is known for her bad character that often assaults people, but it seems that she doesn’t really care about that, so it is quite possible that this kind of attitude she gets is the mirror reflection of her own behavior. She can’t control the mean words coming right from her mouth, as well as she doesn’t even have some small intention to do that. Well here is the result, and I am sure next man that she will meet in her life, will be acting same way towards her.