Top Hollywood mothers of the year 2014!

Top Hollywood mothers of the year 2014! The beginning of May is celebrated throughout the entire world as the mother’s day.  True, it is important to cherish our mothers, as what person can be more important in our lives, except the person who gave us life. This is the rating of best mothers in Hollywood, who not only gave lives to their children, but even while having a carrier and busy schedule are able to be there for their children all the times they need them.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieWhile speaking about the best mothers in Hollywood it is impossible not to mention Angelina Jolie, who is proud to have six children, three adopted ones and three biological ones. Her first child, Maddox she adopted in 2001 while she was married with the actor Billy Bob Thornton, it happened in Cambodia, when she went there in order to film in “Lara Croft”, while her romance with Brad Pitt has started in 2005, nevertheless is didn’t stop Brad from adopting Maddox as well and loving him like his own child. In July 2005 the famous Hollywood couple has adopted a baby girl Zahara when they were in a mission to Ethiopia. In May 2006 was born their first biological child- daughter Shiloh Nouvel, by the way in order to get the first pictures of their biological child the photographers from all kind of magazines have begun a real war, which lead Brad and Angelina to hide from them, that is why their daughter was born in Namibia where the happy parents helped with local authorities have took all the possible safety actions. In March 2007 the couple has adopted a boy from Vietnam, whose name is Pax Tien, and a year after it was published the news that the actress is pregnant again. In July 2008 Angelina brought to the Earth two adorable twins, a boy Nox Leon and a girl Vivienne Marsheline. Nevertheless the tabloids keep writing the information that the actors are fighting with each other and they keep breaking up, Pitt and Jolie are living together for more than ten years, and they are crazy about each other and their children.


Victoria Becham

Victoria BechamOn the second place is based the other exemplary mother in the year- the famous icon of style- Victoria Becham whose family consists of her husband David, three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and the most recent and long awaited daughter- Harper Seven. Victoria is always on the top of all possible ratings, and no wonder as the huge variety of things that she is capable to do on the everyday basis is simply amazing. She started her carrier of a singer from being a part of a famous girls band “Spice Girls” which truly were a sensation, and in this band she was the stylish and the ambitious one, as at that time Victoria already clearly knew what things she would love to do in the future.  So when after leaving her carrier as a singer she started a designer fashion line, first she was criticized quite skeptically but little by little she earned her respect and people from the fashion industry started respecting her for the person she is, and for the things she is doing. It is hard to believe but this fragile woman is a very tough business lady who is being highly respected in the couture world. At the same time she is able to be a wonderful mother for her children, as well as a great wife for her adored husband.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer GarnerThe third mommy in our rating would be amazingly tender actress Jennifer Garner who together with her famous husband (who is almost an actor) gave birth to three beautiful kiddies: daughter Violet Anne Affleck who was born in December 2005, daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck who was born in January 2009 and a son Samuel Garner Affleck who was born in February 2012. Before getting married to Ben, Jennifer was married to the actor Scott Foley from the year 2000, to the year 2004. After divorce Jennifer was quite depressed, as being a very kind and caring person by her nature she couldn’t understand what went wrong in her marriage, and why did their perfect marriage, as she thought about it, have collapsed. One year later she began dating with Ben Affleck, at the beginning she didn’t took their relationship serious, as she never thought that such man like Ben would ever want a serious relationship and family, besides by that time he just finished his relationship with the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez with who he was engaged and was planning the wedding. But due to Ben’s insistence and the fact that he didn’t give up on showing to Jennifer how much he cares about her they formed a family in June 2005.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerThe forth place is legally taken by the star of the TV show “love and the City”- the actress who performed the main part in it – Sarah Jessica Parker. During her carrier she performed both positive and negative characters. In some movies she even played the role of a dog. The peak of her carrier has become the TV show set by the HBO channel who was saying the story about the independent and strong women who live in the heart of New York. In May 1997, Sara married with the actor Matthew Broderick. At the beginning of their relationship Matthew have been a very successful actor, but later his fame was not even equal to the fame his wife got after the “love and the city” TV show. In October 2002 was born their first child- James Wiley Broderick.  Matthew was going very hard through the fame of his wife, and the lack of roles in his own life, so they began seriously fighting, that is why Sarah made a serious attempt to save their family, this way in June 2009 were born their twins Marion Loretta Alva Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick whom were carried by a surrogate mother.  Sarah Jessica is a wonderful mother, and most of all she enjoys spending time with her family, that is why she is often spotted by the photographers during her walks with children.

Heidi Klum

Heidi KlumThe fifth place in our rating is occupied by the famous top model Heidi Klum. The gorgeous model Heidi Klum is the real living proof that children are not a hindrance for the carrier of a model.  She is one of the most successful models in the world even though she is the mother of four children, and only she knows how difficult it was for her to get back into the shape as soon after giving birth to a new child. Eventually it is a real pleasure watching the pictures of happily smiling Heidi who is watching her children having fun on the beach or in the park.  Heidi was twice married, her first husband Rick Pippin is a stylist, and they were married for almost six years since 1997 till 2002. Her second husband was the legendary singer Seal, they were married since May 2005. Together they have three children: Helen Boshoven Samuel born in May 2004, Henry Hunter Ademola Dashtu Samuel born in September 2005, Johan Riley Fiodor Tayvo Samuel born in September 2006 and Lu Sololá Samuel born in October 2008. Helen’s biological father is Heidi’s ex fiancé Flavio Briatore with whom she broke up during her pregnancy, same time as she started dating with Seal who in December 2009 officially adopted Helen. The couple announced of their divorce in January 2012, the reason of their divorce was Heidi’s affair with her bodyguard with who she dated till January 2014.

Tori Spelling

Tori SpellingThe sixth place is taken by the daughter of the legendary producer Aaron Spelling- Tori Spelling is writing books about her life which usually become bestsellers. Of course the main lines in the book are usually about four of her children who she loves very much and who mean the entire world for her, especially considering the fact that her husband Dean is not a very faithful man which is practically breaking her heart, especially considering the fact how much she has suffered his last obvious cheating on her. Since the beginning of Tori’s relationship with Dean, her entire family was against him, and they were doing everything in order to keep Tori away from Dean, as well as to keep Dean away from Tori. But Tori even though being a fragile woman was fighting for them to be together, even if it meant standing against her family. Unfortunately the payback from his side was a very rude and not appropriate one. Dean and Tori who married in May 2006 together have four children: a son Liam Aaron McDermott born in March 2007, a daughter Stella Dorin McDermott born in June 2008, a daughter Hattie Margaret McDermott born in October 2011 and a son Finn Davey McDermott born in August 2012.

Meryl Streep

Meryl StreepThe seventh place is occupied by one of the most respected actresses Meryl Streep, her performance in the movie “Cramer against Cramer” were she appeared with Dustin Hoffman have became one of the most important movies in her carrier. She is the woman who can already right a book of recipes of a happy family life, because she was able not only to built a wonderful carrier, but also she was able to earn the trust of the entire American nation, she has built a strong family and born four children at the same time being one of the most highly paid and wanted actresses in the entire show business industry.

Not a lot of people know that behind her smiling face there is a tragedy, as before getting married with her husband the architect Don Gummer she was engaged with John Kazale who died from lungs cancer a few months before their wedding. It was a very difficult time for Meryl, but she has found the power to live further and less than a year after her sorrow she married with the best friend of her brother who was supporting her in the difficult moments of her life. Together they have three daughters: Mary Willa Gummer born in august 1983, Grace Jane Gummer born in May 1986, Louise Jacobson Gummer born in June 1991, and a son Henry Woulf Gummer born in November 1979.


MadonnaOn the eighth place is firmly based the Pop Queen Madonna who also has four children, two of them are her biological ones, and two of them are adopted. Madonna was married for three times during her carrier her, first husband was the actor Sean Penn, they looked pretty well together but unfortunately he was not able to stand Madonna’s strong character, as a result they divorced stating that the reason of their breakup is the irreconcilable disputes. After him Madonna has married to the passionate Carlos Leone, their relationship was completely different from the one with Sean, as it was full of passion and scandals, they enjoyed being together but when something was going wrong there was a feeling that they hate each other, so at some point Carlos started acting with violence towards Madonna and that was something that she could not stand, so even having a baby daughter Lourdes, haven’t stopped her from divorcing Carlos. The third marriage was with the famous producer Guy Richie who loved her very much, but at some point she began driving him crazy with all the caprices that she had, so eventually that marriage collapsed as well. During their marriage with Guy was born the son Rocco, and was adopted David (a child from Malawi). In 2009 after the divorce Madonna adopted another child from Malawi, a daughter Mercy James.

Mira Sorvino

Mira SorvinoThe ninth place in our rating of star mothers belong to the actress Mira Sorvino who for the sake of her children has decided to step out of her carrier, lately you can see her on the television on in the movies quite rare, and no wonder as the last child of the actress was born about a year ago, while in general Mira and her husband Christopher Bacchus have four children together. Mira became famous after performing the one of the main roles in a movie directed by Woody Allen which was called “The Great Aphrodite”, for the role in this movie she was honored with the Oscar award, and became one of the most demanded actresses in that year. Her carrier was a very important part of her life and of the person who she was, but it was not everything for her, as she was craving for something more, she desperately wanted a family, especially due to the fact that her biological watch was ticking. In June 2004 she married Chris who was much younger than her, and together they created four children: Matte Angel Bacchus born in November 2004, Johnny Christopher King Bacchus born in May 2006, Holden Paul Terry Bacchus born in June 2009 and Lucia Bacchus born in May 2012.


Chris Jenner

Chris JennerThe tenth place in our rating is proudly taken by the hero mother Chris Jenner, as she is the mother of six children. Four of them are from her first marriage with Robert Kardashian, and the last two from her current husband Bruce Jenner. Chris is the real example of a woman who is very successful and ambitious, who is implementing every idea that comes into her mind into something real, maybe it is due to her natural stubbornness, or maybe she is simply blessed to be successful in everything she does. Her children are: Courtney Mary Kardashian born in April 1979, Kimberley Noel Kardashian born in October 1980, Chloe Alexandra Kardashian-Odom born in June 1984 and Robert Arthur Kardashian Jr.  Born in March 1987, from Bruce she got: Kendall Nicole Jenner born in November 1995 and Kylie Christen Jenner born in August 1997. It is interesting to know that Chris is also a grandmother her daughter Courtney has gifted her with two grandchildren: Mason born in December 2009 and Penelope born in July 2012.

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