Top mostly rated stars in the year 2013

Top mostly rated stars in the year 2013 As the year 2013 have passed here we made a short list of people who were mostly searched in the internet by their fans, some of those people are being loved, and the other ones are hated, but anyway whether it is love or hate they are bringing up the interest of their fans, in their own specific way

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce KnowlesThe leading place in the rating is taken by the soul diva with capturing voice Beyonce Knowles.  Probably the main reason she was searched so much by her fans was the show she made on the super champ. Beyonce has tried so hard to create an amazing atmosphere of the entire show that she completely forgotten about the fact that she is supposed to track her own face and mimics. As a result the star had made a huge scandal because of the pictures which were made by the photographers; she stated that they photographed her not correctly. Since that show a lot of time has passed, but people haven’t forgotten so they keep looking for those photos causing the diva to feel not very well, as well as putting her on number one place in the net. The other very important reason of search is Beyonce along with her famous producer husband Jay Z, their unconditional and tender love towards each other, worth’s a million of smiles, as they set a great example not only of a relationship, but also of a behavior in a family. Beyonce plays the role of a kind wife, while Jay Z shows that he can properly take care of his family and loved ones, their love has become a source of inspiration for a famous movie producer who wants to make a movie about them.

Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianOn the second place is based the sultry star of television- Kim Kardashian. The interest towards this star can be explained very easy, as a lot of people are holding their breath while reading the news about her relationship with the famous rapper, and at the same time on of Jay Z best friends- Kanye West, about their child, and of course about their engagement that will finally evolve into a wedding on the 24th May 2014. Both of them have waited for a very long time, until their dream has come true, they wanted to amaze everyone, and they succeeded. Unfortunately the entire engagement thing has lasted for a very long time, even a too long one, but only because Kim had too many ideas and perceptions regarding this wedding, some of them were simply crazy, but the most interesting thing about it, is that Kanye didn’t say “no” to his fiancé even for one time, he truly loves this woman and is ready to do anything for her to feel happy. Even her not very good reputation hasn’t stopped him, and it is more than a fact that this strong man will be able to make the vulnerable Kim finally settle down and be the kind of wife that is set as an example for everyone around. Kim and Kanye deserve all the happiness they got.


RihannaThe third place goes to Rihanna, the beauty who is originally from Barbados hasn’t done anything amazing in the year 2013, well nothing not usual, but all of her fans are still very much interested with the way her personal life goes on. Most likely they are worried for their idol after her bad relationship with Chris Brown which almost ended very tragically for Rihanna. Chris has beaten her really hard as a result she spent a lot of time in the hospital and made a few plastic surgeries in order to correct the shape of her nose which was broken. His cruelty towards her was immense but the worst thing is that she never even thought about putting him into jail. In fact she not only didn’t punish him properly the way he deserved, but also get back to him after some time and after he apologized to her on some live show. And of course anyway this relationship was not meant to work and evolve into something great. Unfortunately he hurt her too bad, things like that are never forgotten by a woman, she can try forgiving, but forgetting is simply impossible. Everyone sooner or later gets exactly the deserved things. And only a few people are able to learn the lesson and never make same mistakes again.

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftThe forth place is taken by the actress and singer Taylor Swift.  In the year 2013 she was honored not only with a variety of nominations and awards, but also has won a few of them. At the same time she kept the interest of the public by showing some scandalous outfits, which practically all of the singer’s fans tried seeing from all the possible angles in order to try copying them later. Since June, to October 2008 the singer was in a relationship with Joe Jonas who is one of the main members in the Jonas Brothers band. In 2009 since October to December she has been in a relationship with one of the “Twilight” stars Taylor Lautner. Together they performed in a romantic comedy “The Saint Valentine’s Day” and after they broke up Taylor has dedicated him a song “Back to December” where she showed her feelings and the fact that she suffers their breakup. In 2010 Taylor dated the star of the “Brokeback Mountain” Jake Gyllenhaal, but only a few months later they broke up due to age difference. In 2012 she was dating Connor Kennedy, after breaking up with who she began a relation with Garry Styles due to their relation a lot of her music videos were been made a parody by  Bart Baker. Taylor is a very close friend of the actress and singer Selena Gomez.


MadonnaThe fifth place is taken by the pop queen Madonna. And according to the experts, if the searching directories were same available for people thirty years ago, than the pop diva would certainly be in the first places of all the possible posts, for all those years. Madonna is an amazing woman, during her carrier she was able to show real heights, and the most amazing thing about her is that everything she has right now, she got due to her strong spirit and the ability and desire to work upon her dream. She is a regular woman just like everyone else, she also cries when it hurts her something, she also smiles and laughs when she feels happy, so there is nothing about her that would make her different, but the good thing is that she was able to set her own charisma in the needed way in order to obtain all the things that she got.  Not every man would be able to be in a relation with such a strong woman that is why she is mostly single, her most lasted love story was with the movie producer Guy Ritchie, but after almost seven years of marriage he also was not able to stand the strong character of his life and divorced her. Currently Madonna feels very happy in a relationship with Timor Steffens.

Justin Bieber

Justin BieberThe sixth place belongs to one of the most famous, but at the same time one of the most annoying stars, who is the idol of a plenty teen girls around the entire world- Justin Bieber, whose name never disappears from the tabloids, and as a result the artist is in the center of all possible scandals. In 2010 Justin started a relationship with a famous singer Selena Gomez. In 2012 were spread the rumors of their breakup, but all of those rumors were declined by other sources, and in January 2013 after Selena’s appearance with Josh Hutcherson on the “Golden Globe” party was finally set the fact of their breakup. After breaking up with Selena, Justin has entered a depression and as a result started abusing alcohol and drugs. In January 2014 he was arrested by the police for driving under influence on a huge speed on the Miami streets. The court has released hum, but on the White House official website was written the petition which required government to take away Justin’s green card and to deport him in his Motherland- Canada. People who wrote the petition were highly insulted by Justin’s behavior and didn’t want this behavior to become a bad example for their children who are watching carefully Bieber’s life.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki MinajRight after Justin Bieber, comes another star- Nicki Minaj, her personality is very interesting for the internet’s users mostly due to the breathtaking shows she was setting on her performances, as well as due to the gorgeous outfits she was appearing on the red carpet of various events in the society. Nicki Minaj is placed on the seventh place. Though Nicki is a woman whose physical appearance is simply perfect for a man, any main, still Nicki is not very interested in them, because she has made her coming out by the confession, that the chosen person by the queen of female rap is the inimitable Sofia Emelianova.  The roots of the story come to a moral trauma that she has got a long time ago; she loved a man, and thought that he loves her back, but in reality he took advantage of her, and simply betrayed her. It was a very difficult moment in her life, as well as it coincided with the moment when she was going through her teenager era. Since that time she stopped trusting any man except her father, and realized that love between women is more pure than the one between a man and a woman, no one knows maybe someday when she will meet her Mr. Perfect she will change her mind, or not, only time can show that.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda BynesThe eighth place of the list is taken by Amanda Bynes. The girl has attracted a lot of attention when she was hospitalized into the medical center for the curing of psychic diseases. The last time Amanda has appeared in front of the cameras was in the year 2009, on the filming set of the movie “Easy A”. After this movie, the problems with the drugs have caused the significant change of the physical appearance of the actress, especially of her face. In 2012 Amanda, who was a very good girl have gone bad, as she became the person in charge for a few car accidents, the majority of which were under abuse of alcohol, for which in September she was deprived of driving license. In May 2013 Amanda for the same driving under alcohol was sentenced for a three years on probation. A few days later the porter of the house where Bynes lived, went to the police with the statement that the famous actress takes drugs outside of her apartment. During the detention Amanda has thrown all the drugs she had out of the window of the skyscraper of the apartment where she lived, but that didn’t stop the police from accusing her of drugs possession and this way she was sent to a psychiatric examination.  Currently Amanda is doing treatment in one of the rehabs in Malibu.

Miley Cyrus

Miley CyrusThe ubiquitous and always half undressed Miley Cyrus is placed only on the ninth place, the singer who always appeared in the rumors during the entire 2013 is also very surprised by the fact that she is only on the ninth place. Since June 2009 Miley was in a relationship with the actor and colleague of the filming set of the movie “The last song”- Liam Hemsworth, and in May 2012 after three years of relation they announced of their engagement. Hemsworth has gifted his beloved woman with a diamond ring. In September 2013 the official representatives of Liam and Miley have confirmed to the People magazine that the young people have canceled their engagement and broke their relations. It is interesting to know that Miley is a great fan of tattoos; each of them has some special meaning for her. The pop star has made eighteen tattoos; the majority of them represent the songs that have become hits in her carrier. One of the most famous tattoos is the one that is the symbol of friendship, the other one famous is the small anatomic Da Vinci heart, and the portrait of her grandmother on her feet.

Barack Obama

Barack ObamaAnd of course the tenth place of the list of stars, who were mostly rated in the internet in the year 2013, was given to the person who is doesn’t represent the show business at all, to the president of the United States- Barack Obama, because in one way or another he is also a star. The president is being a great example for all the families in the United States, as he is married to Michelle Obama since the year 1992, which is a very famous in the law sphere. Together they have two daughters_ Malia Ann (born in the year 1998) and Natasha (Sasha born in the year 2001). It is interesting to know that the Government of the island countries Antigua and Barbuda after the victory of the president Barack Obama has renamed their highest mountain in the honor of the president. According to the results of the opinion polls which were made in various social networking in October 2009, the president Obama has showed the most rapid decline of the economy for the last fifty years.  In January 2010 as a result of the measures Obama made in the health care, his rating has significantly changed as the quantity of people who liked his presidency became same as the quantity of people who were not sharing his political views and deeds.

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