Twenty world’s greatest blondes, who became icons of style.

blondes, who became icons of style There always was a saying that gentlemen prefer blondes, and it really is the truth, there is also a movie with the same name, where the main role is performed by the world’s most famous blonde. Probably gentlemen prefer blondes mostly due to the fake feeling that they are fragile and childish, they feel it will be easier with those women, but they don’t have even an idea.

Marilyn Monroe     

Marilyn MonroeShe was born being Norma Jeanne Becker, and not a lot of people know that in reality she was not really blonde, but that was her image on the screen, for the appearance in a movie she has changed her hair color to the platinum blonde one, and the next day she woke up being a love symbol, and an icon of style. Repeating her unique style is simply impossible, as she will always stay one and only in her kind. She was able to masterly underline her feminine curvaceous body, while staying elegant, and at the same time seductive. She lived only thirty six years, but remained immortal. Her beauty and femininity became a myth.  The secret of her overwhelming success was surprising. The sad story of her life reminds the Cinderella story. The secret of her death is not unraveled till nowadays. “She was gorgeous. The perfection of her body was very well combined with the natural born grace, and her limitless interior soulful energy were always lightening her face, and her smile was able to make everyone in the room forget about the disputes they were arguing about, or sad news that they just received. She was special, but the world was not treating her fragile soul properly and as a result lost her.

Grace Kelly

Grace KellyGrace has become not only an icon of style, in the time when she was famous, but she also was the embodiment of a fairy tale. While being a famous actress, she left everything for the sake of her marriage with the Prince of Monaco, when she became a princess, she didn’t lost her popularity, but she gained a much larger one instead of the one she was happy with. Her unbelievable elegance and beauty were always out of fashion tendencies. Even her wedding dress has become a trend in its kind, and even nowadays brides all over the world are copying it. Not to forget about the Hermes Kelly bag, which was created and named in her honors, and is still competing with the Hermes Birkin. After Grace has appeared in Monaco, this country started to prosper, due to the variety of tourists. That was the time in her life, when she started her charity activity, and she was the person who brought the tradition of decorating a huge Christmas tree in the castle on the Christmas Eve, so all the children of the kingdom could come and enjoy the celebration. Grace has become a happy mother of two children, and a real treasure for Monaco citizens, and till the time she died, she never regrets that she chosen family life, instead of the carrier.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte BardotThe movie “And God created the woman” made Brigitte Bardot an icon of style and a love symbol. Her blonde curls which were organized in a fluffy “babette”, even nowadays are one of the most wanted hair design, as well as the way she was underlining her eyes is considered an ideal makeup. For Europe she was same person as Marilyn Monroe for America. On the screen she was same as she was in her real life she was impulsive and unpredictable, tender and contentious, with huge luminous eyes and a bright smile on her beautiful face surrounded by golden locks, that was making her look similar to a little lion. The entire world was going crazy for Brigitte, men were feeling a strong desire as soon as they were seeing her, while well respected women hated her for the reaction that she was doing upon their men. Once she was visiting the lady who was her understudy in the movies, at hospital, and as soon as one of the doctors saw her, she threatened her and asks her to leave at least some men for simple women as she, that behavior was not that shocking for Bardot, as by that time she already realized that she will never have friends in her real life, as the majority of people she ever met were or using her, or hating her.


TwiggyTwiggy, whose real name was Lesley Hornby, was “guilty” in the fashion industry for being too skinny, she was one of the unbelievable shapely models. Her long legs, and angle body, huge blue eyes with remarkable eyelashes, as well as her short haircut are nowadays a perfect example of style. The trapezoid dresses, bright tights, psychedelic ornaments- all those things were introduced to the fashion world by her, and she looked amazing in those clothes. She grew up being so skinny that all her classmates were laughing at her, probably later after they heard or read about her success they regretted their own behavior towards her not once. The success that she had has surpassed all of the expectations. The slim girl with big eyes who looked like a sad child subdued the entire world. She became the face who represented the era of the mini and rock roll. Young girls were dreaming to look like her and were almost killing their selves with various diets, while Twiggy has never sit on any diet, as the way she was born she managed to stay her entire life. Currently the ex model, singer and actress is leading her own show, where she invites celebrities and discusses various topics with them.

Princess Diana

Princess DianaDiana Spencer, who is also known as Lady D, and who is also known as the first wife of Charles prince of the Wales, she subdued not only the Great Britain, but the entire world, with her sense of style. She loved getting dressed, as well as she loved bright colors, but even though when she was wearing a little black dress she was also looking amazing. She was photographed by the most prestigious magazines and famous photographers. Just like Grace Kelly, she also has a bag which was named in her honor- Lady Dior. Diana was an outstanding blonde of the twentieth century, and her life, as well as work that she was doing has made her a symbol of the modern life, she became the source of inspiration needed that much, and encouragement to many people around the world. Diana once said that she would like to be the “queen of the people’s hearts”, maybe that is what she became in reality for all the people in the world, as in hearts of many people she will remain one of the kindest people in the world. The entire world was suffering as soon as the news about her sudden and tragic death was published in the news, but Princess Diana will always live in our hearts as well in the hearts of her sons.

Sharon Stone

Sharon StoneSharon Stone’s style is in her natural beauty and remarkable sexuality. The actress is not simply attractive but also has a sharp mind and intellect, which never stopped her from wearing tight short dresses on the red carpet even nowadays when she is much older than fifty years old. Her entire life Sharon is going like through a race, but the problem is that this race is something that she is setting for herself. According to the words of her best friend, who knows her for more than twenty years “Sharon is living in her own rhythm, which is completely different from the one that ordinary people surrounding her are living in. the main thing for her always was the risk, and on the first place was always the carrier. She made a truly herculean efforts in order to be on the top of the Hollywood Olympus, and this place she is successfully keeping for many years in the row. Her way from an ordinary top model to a Hollywood star has taken her almost fifteen years. She was not that successful in her personal life, as all the men who ever were in her life, were giving up on her as soon as they were realizing that they will never have that place in her heart that they dream of, and that was the price that she paid for being a love symbol.


MadonnaLouisa Veronica Ciccone- is the legend of music and without any doubt is an icon of style. And it is interesting the thing that Madonna never gets attached to one style, she is constantly changing, and all the time tries new completely different images, from glam punk to the cowboy style, from the cheeky military to the elegant femininity in the Italian style. After Madonna got married with Guy Ritchie, her style has changed completely, or course she was and still remains a trendsetter, but she became quite different. On one of her concerts in London she was wearing a T-shirt with the name of her son Rocco written on the chest, and with on the back of the shirt was written the name of her daughter Lourdes, that has impressed her fans and made a real boom, as both her American and British fans rushed to order shirts with the names of their children on them. Madonna is the type of woman who always gets what she wants, in all areas of life, and this corresponds to her essence. In one of her interviews she mentioned that she managed to stay same Italian girl who was very modest in her soul, but it is not quite true, as she was a woman who created a revolution in women’s minds, and in the world of music, for that world will always cherish her.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen StefaniGwen looks equally awesome in both of her usual images, she is gorgeous while looking like a true lady, and at the same time breathtaking while looking like a bully punk. Often the talented diva is able to combine both of those images in one. Her style is being platinum blonde and wearing a bright red lipstick- which proves to be suitable for any experiments with her dresses or outfits. Gwen never planned becoming a super star, she was composing and writing music because that was her essence, and she was doing it mostly for her own pleasure, so when she woke up famous after her hit “Don’t speak” she didn’t even realized where it is all has come from, but at the same time she was very happy about it. All the words to the songs she was composing on her own, and her friends from the band joke a lot that in their songs is the entire truth about Gwen’s relationships. Though she is a very successful singer and a gorgeous woman, about whom a lot of men in the world are dreaming, nevertheless the most important thing for her is her family, she always dreamed of getting married and having a big family of her own, and her dream has come true as now she is a happy and proud mother of three boys, and her husband loves and cherishes her as much as she always wanted.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer AnistonAfter appearing in the “Friends” sitcom, Jennifer became a real example for a variety of young women. First of all everyone wanted same hair as Jennifer had during all of the episodes, later everyone wanted the same style as Rachel Green had, and so on. The main thing is that Jennifer has a very simple style, she prefers dresses which are underlining her perfect body, and it is a fact that she looks in them not like some unapproachable diva, but like a very friendly neighbor. It is a fact that she started her carrier having nothing but gorgeous hair, shining eyes and character full of ambitions. The first time she was seen by producers, they were amazed by her light character, and at the same time they made a serious enquiry, they told her that she should lose not less than fifteen kilograms in order for them to consider her as a star for their project. At the beginning Jen was a bit upset, but after she realized that it helped her so much getting into a new shape she is so happy with, and made her a lot more healthier, she gave up, and learned how enjoy being that lady who is setting the trend, not only concerning hair details, but also regarding clothes, and the entire type of behavior. She grew an entire generation of Rachels Green.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese WitherspoonAfter showing to everyone who is the real “Legally Blonde”, Reese has become one of the main blondes in the cinema and fashion world. Though in her real day to day life, she is not really one of those girls who prefer wearing pink clothes, she prefers less bright and noticeable colors. It is a fact that Reese is very intelligent, and is not a silly blonde at all, as her character Elle Woods.  She is not that fragile as she looks like, besides she is one of the major Hollywood businesswomen. She is in the list of most highly paid actresses, and all of those things she got not because she had some authoritative friends who helped her, but due to her stubborn and ambitious character which never let her being weak and giving up. She is performing in super popular comedies and works with serious filmmakers. And at the same time she is able to comprise it with the care of two of her children, upon who she has the full custody after divorcing her ex husband Ryan. Also Reese has founded her own production company “Walk the line”. Not bad for a blonde. Recently she bought the right for filming a movie, where she is considering performing the main part.

Kate Hudson

Kate HudsonMiss Smile” as she is often being called Kate Hudson loves dressing up and has a great style each time she appears on the red carpet, but she is able to dilute the glamour with the charm which is suitable to her only. Not a long time ago the actress even shared “a drop” of her own style with anyone who loved that by releasing her own collection of clothes. It is often said that on children of the celebrities the nature is resting, but it is not quite true in Kate Hudson’s case. It is a wrong belief that being born in a famous family is like to be born with a winning lottery ticket in the hands; it doesn’t work with everyone this way, maybe in some of the cases. Kate from the beginning was against all of these allegations, and all she achieved was exclusively her own merit, she even took her father’s last name in order to hide that she is the daughter of the famous actress. Kate says that her spiritual condition is helping her a lot in being who she is, and she is very grateful to her husband Chris, who is the love of her life, and who was able to create that circle of happiness that is surrounding her everyday and everywhere she goes, without him she wouldn’t be the person she is today.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia SchifferClaudia was “born” in the era of the super models. She was the symbol of the ideal woman- tall and with wonderful body shape. On the podium she was the meaning of the fashion ideals, while in the regular life she prefers a much more modest style, which she even today is trying to implement into the society by creating her own line of clothes which are mostly described as comfortable ones. All the models around her were always envy her, that is why they were saying different rumors, in order to make Claudia’s life at least a bit difficult, as they thought she has a perfect life, however Claudia knew those rumors but was not paying attention to them, that was the rule she learned a long time ago which made her life much easier. The fame she was surrounded by she earned by her own hard work upon it, and it was not very easy, yes on the podium there was a resounding and overwhelming success waiting for her, literally from the first “steps” that she was making in the fashion world, while in her personal life, there was a real disaster. But everything changed in her life when she met her future husband, though he was not that famous as her, he was not afraid to ask her for a date, and make a proposal, which developed into a strong family with children and harmony.

Kate Moss

Kate MossWhen she appeared the entire world of the fashion industry has been shaken and moved out of her way. This petite, fragile lady with innocent eyes but difficult character has brought a new type of physical appearance into the world of fashion, and it all happened due to the fact that Kate knows how to be different, and she is doing that so easy that it seems she doesn’t make any efforts for it, it is simply her essence, that is why it is her personal chic. During the time when she was a successful model her face was looking out from all the possible covers of popular magazines, there were books written about her, and she was getting multiple offers to perform in the cinema. But for this kind of popularity Kate has paid a very high price. In 1998 she went to a private psychiatric clinic, according to the statements of her manager she went to the clinic to be treated from the emotional exhaustion, but rumors were saying that she was simply getting the alcohol treatment. After the treatment she was abusing alcohol and drugs again, which didn’t stop her from having a daughter in 2002, but she never married her daughter’s father, when she left him, all she could say was that he was too good for her.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth PaltrowNevertheless her deeds and words that she was saying in public, Gwyneth still is the perfect example of elegance and restraint. Even while wearing a long skirt with a cut equal to the entire length of her long legs she is capable to look like a real lady. Her fame was the result of appearing in public as Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, he was only starting to enjoy the success of the carrier, while about her no one really knew that much, and when people were asking about the tall and beautiful blonde who was accompanying Brad, they were getting the answer that it is the daughter of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow. After breaking up with Brad Pitt and getting rid of the “label” that she is the daughter of a famous Hollywood couple, the ambitious blonde started to make her own way to achieving the ultimate goal- becoming a Hollywood princess. And it would be fair to admit that she did that, though still her long way to it was built by the broken hearts of the men who loved her and whom she was dumping, but still she made it. Nowadays she stepped out of her carrier in order to dedicate completely to her children, especially considering the recent divorce fact.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron DiazShe is probably one of the most positive actresses in Hollywood, there are really rare cases when she is stepping out of her comedy image, while in her day to day life she prefers surfing, instead of attending various beau monde parties, because her genuine style is as real as she is, and her main feature are the long beautiful legs that she learned to underline very well. Cameron is a very sociable and opens to some extent of course, as she loves chatting with people, and talking about anything, but as soon as she feels that the person she is communicating with is trying to use her words in order to write some article about her, she starts backing up. When describing herself the first thing that Cameron is always mentioning is that she is simply not able to ever stop laughing, happy laughter is just a part of her essence. Cameron is an ardent opponent of plastic surgeries, even though she went to a plastic surgeon for four times, but that was necessary as she was breaking her nose during surfing. In her private life she is not very lucky, as she never found that unique person to whom she wanted to say “I do”, or maybe the person she wanted to propose her has never done that.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerWhile following the steps of her fabulous character Carrie Bradshaw, from the TV show “love and the city” she became a recognized icon of style all over the world. She as well as her character Carrie is able to comprise clothes that seem to be completely different and not matching at all. And of course all of the styles prints and trends she is experiencing become very successful mostly due to her personal charm and smile. The story of her success is unique due to two main reasons, the first one is that she was able to break the stereotype stating that the majority of girls are having a great success in their carrier due to the fact that they went through “someone’s bed”, and the second one is that while being a prodigy child she was able to gain the recognition when she was adult already, that is why she is considered as a truly phenomenon of the screen. No wonder she was offered the role of a sexy journalist who had some very deep thoughts helping women all over the world, but the most important thing is that after watching the “love and the city” TV show, every single girl start dreaming of her own reliable best friends, same as Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha for Carrie.

Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronIt is interesting that though Charlize Theron has an angelic physical appearance, people who know her at least a little bit are saying that she has a very tough and strong character, and while being aware about the effect her physical appearance is producing upon people she is using it for her own benefit. She has a perfect appearance, and the majority of women of the entire world are envying her for that, she is same perfect in tights dresses, as in long ones, but her favorite style of clothes is of course wearing tight jeans and comfortable casual style. She never thought of herself as of being beautiful, as she was quite simple and even less than simple than she was a child, and later when her beauty began its blooming she never got any appreciation from her parents either, all they were doing was thanking her for the help in the home chores.  That is why when she came to Hollywood and began attending all types of auditions she was very surprised to hear what they were saying about her beauty, as a result her beauty became an obstacle for her getting some good roles, that is why she stopped carrying on the way she looked, and it helped her getting the first role, after which she became famous.

Sienna Miller

Sienna MillerSienna as the other actresses listed earlier was also not only performing an icon of style in the movies, but really became one in her life. She was able to make real the image of Andy Warhol’s muse- Edie Sagevic. In the movies she was choosing some extraordinary clothes of the sixties style, while in her ordinary life, the practical British actress prefers a correct mixture of styles and some unusual details, she loves experimenting with the haircut, as well as with the accessories. Sienna works equally successful on the both sides of the ocean. She debuted in USA as a theatre actress, but later she moved to Great Britain where she worked as a model. Clothes and books are the weak points of the actress. She became famous after appearing in the “Layer cake” movie and in the comedy “Alfie”, while filming in Alfie she met Jude Law, who became the man of her life, and he changed her completely. Unfortunately no matter how many times they were breaking up and getting back together, their wedding never took place, but still they remain very good friends and important parts of each other’s life.

Lady Gaga

Lady GagaMiss “Shocking” is probably the best word that can describe the star blonde. Each of her outfit is more surprising and amazing than the previous one, as well as each of her appearance in public, shocks more and more the public. Her dress made of meat, hair, plastic and huge forms or massive details, those are the things that today are not a surprise from the singer, and it is very difficult to imagine what other things she will make up the next time she will appear in public. She has been recognized as “style icon” at the ceremony of the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2011. She came to the ceremony wearing some new extravagant outfits, and during a photo session her dress has shown her breasts, randomly or specifically no one really knows, but it is a fact that it catches the attention of all journalists who were present. No one really knows but she is an active member of a charity organization, and helped gathering large funds of money to help the victims of the catastrophe in Japan. Not a lot of people know that no matter how scary she looks like in her videos, in real life she is an ordinary girl with perfect face features.


Blake Lively

Blake LivelyBlake is the youngest representative of the entire list, even though she just started her carrier, she is already quite steady in the place that she is “standing”, as well as she is highly placed in all possible ratings of stylish people. After performing the role of the cougar Serena Wonder Woods in the “Gossip Girl” TV show, who had a very good style, Blake has later proved that she is able to look absolutely stunning not only within the borders of the motion set while being helped by the stylist, but she is able to look awesome even in her regular life. And it is almost impossible to believe the fact that she is a very shy person in her ordinary life. But it does not really bothering her, on the contrary it helps. She is cute, funny, saying jokes all the time, and is uncontrollably laughing at any funny thing she hears. She reminds a child with her behavior, but the difference is that the child managed to grew up into a gorgeous lady with exquisite manners and great taste. A person can learn and get anything from life, if making some serious efforts for it, but it is impossible to teach a person having style, if that style is not in the veins.




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