Uma Thurman splits with fiance


The Daily Mail reports that Uma Thurman and Arki Busson have called off their engagement again. The couple have struggled to make their long-distance relationship work but finally decided to call it quits.

Uma and her multi-millionaire fiancé Arki started dating in 2007. They got engaged in 2008, but one year later the actress returned an eight-carat diamond engagement ring. In 2011 they got back together and became engaged again in 2012. Uma gave birth to their daughter in July 2012, but have split once again.

A source told the newspaper: “Uma and Arki were due to attend a gala together on April 8, but Uma showed up without her engagement ring or her fiancé. Arki was scheduled to attend and it seemed clear there was only one reason why he didn’t show – because he and Uma are no longer an item.”


Another insider said: “Uma lives in New York while Arki lives in London. He has been out and about without Uma since October when he went to a Halloween party alone. They have been at one or two events together, like Harvey Weinstein’s pre-Bafta party in February, but on that occasion they looked miserable.”

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2 responses to “Uma Thurman splits with fiance”

  1. Virgilia says:

    I don’t know–I know that I would be mad if my mom kept going back to a guy who clearly didn’t want the same things as her–be that marriage or babies. It just seems so dramatic and unnecessary. Especially since she’s Uma f-cking Thurman. She can have any dude that she wants, who will happily do whatever she wants, when she wants it. Why does she keep going back to this guy? And having a kid with him?

  2. Amanda says:

    i love Uma Thurman, and if she wanted stability, she probably should have chosen wiser than having her boyfriend come and go for years, get knocked up by him (when he’s already a celebrities baby-daddy) and expect anything from him besides some money to help raise the kid…maybe she knows whats up and isn’t bothered by girlfriends or a lack of commitment…

    again, i love her, she deserves better than this (what seems to be) douchenugget…good riddance, she’s better off on her own or finding a younger artist boyfriend like Tilda’s gone and done (and seems to be pretty happy about).