Vanessa Hudgens stayed at a pregnancy shelter

vanessa-hudgens-2013-amfar-inspiration-gala-los_3997549 Preparing for her role in Gimme Shelter, where she plays a homeless pregnant teenager, Vanessa Hudgens spent two weeks at a pregnancy shelter.

The actress observed and talked to the girls there and they helped her understand their situation. She was terrified and shocked at first but she bonded with the women in the shelter.

She said: ”Being in this environment was such a shock to begin with and just knowing that I was going to completely disassociate myself from the life that I’m used to was terrifying. It was really scary for me to be out there on my own. I didn’t have any family with me. It really made me get into that mindset and be able to just become one of the girls and in their same circumstance.”

vanessa-hudgens-15th-annual-warner-bros-and_4023443The High School Musical star is glad she had a chance to spend some time with real pregnant teenagers and appreciates that these girls opened up to her.

”I’m so grateful I had the time to go and stay there because it really allowed their stories to become reality rather than just a story. They really opened up to me and they shared their story with me. I just got to witness first-hand how strong these young women are,” she added.

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4 responses to “Vanessa Hudgens stayed at a pregnancy shelter”

  1. Megan says:

    I believe this experience was nice for Vanessa, not only for the acting point of view, but also educational. We don’t have to take things we have in our lives for granted. What we get is a blessing of God. Each day is a blessing, as you never know where the life through you next and when you make the last breath.

  2. Kat says:

    No wonder it was a shock for Vanessa Hudgens to spend time in a place like that one, she suddenly understood how great is her life while spending time with people who were less fortunate as she was in this life. I guess this kind of place should be shown to a variety of young Hollywood actors and actresses, who are not able to deal with their fame and as a result start getting addicted to alcohol or drugs. If they would see real life of real people and how they struggle for the things they have, that would probably make them act differently and appreciate everything they got and have instead of taking it for granted. I guess Lindsay Lohan needs to spend some time in this shelter when she will need a rehab next time, as she goes there so often that should get a discount card already for multiple check ins.

  3. Rita says:

    Wow, Vanessa Hudgens has grown up into a very pretty lady, but the thing I like most of all in her, is that no matter how famous she become she still managed to stay a nice and simple girl as she was at the beginning of her carrier, that is why I guess she stayed so impressed by the life of young women in the pregnancy shelter. I guess reading or hearing about something is one thing, and it is a completely different thing to see and experience it yourself. Hopefully after seeing through what those girls are going through every time she will find a way to help them with anything she can.

  4. Teena says:

    I think Vanessa Hudgens has all the chances to become a great star in the cinema industry, as she is following the example of great maestro’s of this industry, of such people as: Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Jack Nicolson, Richard Gere and even Barbra Streisand. All of those cinema stars while preparing to a certain role were living the life of the characters they were preparing to perform, and I am sure that was helping them to get as much into the role so people who would see the movie would start guessing whether this person performed or really lived the life of its character on the stage. I will never forget the movie with Al Pacino where he played a role of a blind man who falls in love with a woman; I remember I read the article which was stating that the famous actor spent three months around blind people in order to be able to perform that role. So if Vanessa is doing the same thing, than all I can say is bravo.