Victoria Beckham: I was a laughing stock in the fashion world


Today she is a successful designer, proud of her brand, but when Victoria Beckham first announced the plans to launch her own collection, people from the fashion industry were skeptical. However, the former Spice Girl has proven them wrong.

Speaking for The Business of Fashion magazine, Victoria said: “For a long time there, I was a bit of a laughing stock. And while everybody was busy laughing, what was I doing? I was laying the foundation to what I have in place now.

“Everybody said, ‘Well it’s never going to work because a celebrity can’t do a line’, but because everyone thought it was going to be rubbish, it took the pressure off a little bit. There were no expectations. I didn’t expect it to be any other way. I didn’t go into this to prove anything to anybody other than myself.”


Asked if fame helped her with her business, Beckham said: “It’s a double-edged sword really. The most valuable part of being famous is that you have a voice and people will listen. I mean I can get a lot of attention. I don’t have to rely on advertising campaigns.

“But I don’t like to use that card very often. I like to keep my head down, work hard, focus on what I’m doing business-wise.”

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5 responses to “Victoria Beckham: I was a laughing stock in the fashion world”

  1. Diane says:

    Waving your pencil in the air does not make you a designer.
    Please, I don’t think Victoria Beckham can do anything but stand around and look pretty.

  2. Steve says:

    Honey, You were a laughing stock when you were with the Spice girls.

  3. Gina says:

    Honestly speaking I am proud of Victoria Beckham, as the girl was able to show to the entire world how talented she is and that she really is capable to do something else besides being a singer or some pretty accessory in a girls’ music band. And honestly speaking I don’t really understand why people in the fashion industry doubted her success as it is pretty clear to me that she is one of the most stylish women in the world, so of course introducing her own line should not be a problem for her.

  4. Ernie says:

    I think she is an amazing woman. I always thought of her that she is not that smart, and it is a good thing that she has married, as otherwise she would probably lose herself later. But now I realize how wrong I was, as in reality she is really wise, because you need to have brain in order to keep such a man close to you for more than fifteen years. David Beckham is one of the most desired men in the world but still he is stick to his wife Victoria, I guess it is because he not only loves her a lot but also due to the fact that he has huge respect towards her. And he is right to feel that. Victoria has made a good carrier in the fashion world, and it is a normal thing, because she really has a style of her own, and was pronounced not once an icon of style. Personally I have jeans made by her, and I can say that they are of some very good quality. I love them.

  5. Johanna says:

    I think it is about time to remember the good old saying that says the person who loves as the last one laughs harder than everyone else. Nowadays people are used to spread rumors and all they do is just talking, talking and once again talking instead of doing something more serious and important. Something likes work. Victoria Beckham has surprised me with her strong will and the ability to go for the things she wants in her life. No one believed she could ever succeed in the fashion world, but her passion and loyalty to thing she is doing have proved that she is much better and represents bigger things than people could think of her. I am glad she went for her dream as this way, she proved that she can do something bigger than just hanging out with her husband David and looking pretty while doing that.