Weirdest celebrity collections

Celebrities are no ordinary people. Therefore, it’s no surprise that, when it comes to collecting things, they prefer quite unusual stuff. So, forget about stamps, coins or books and take a look at some of the most unusual collections owned by celebrities.

Victoria Beckham







Posh Spice is well known for her extravagant taste in fashion and she has a thing for Birkin bags and has spent more than 100 grand on adding to her collection. The waiting list (which only opens for a day or two twice a year), is up to four years long for your basic $7,000 leather Birkin bag, but that didn’t stop Victoria from spending $2.5 million on these luxury items.

Quentin Tarantino

France Lumiere Festival Tarantino






Tarantino’s love of pop culture is present in his collecting habits. He collects TV show-themed board games. In an interview, he showed off his collection that he keeps organised by genre.  His favourites are Dawn of the Dead and Universe.  The latter he claims is “the closest they ever came to an official 2001: A Space Odyssey game.” He also has a Platoon game that, at the time of the interview, he was hoping to one day play with Oliver Stone.

Penelope Cruz







The Spanish actress has a rather strange collection: coat hangers. She owns more than 500 different types of the organizational tool and the word is that not one of them is metal. Joan Crawford would be so proud.

Reese Witherspoon







Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Reese Witherspoon hoards antique linens and is obsessed with old embroidery.

Johnny Depp







Johnny Depp’s doll collection might well be the stuff little girls dream of while older girls dream of him. According to the Daily Star, Depp owns dozens of dolls based on the likes of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, the High School Musical cast, New Kids on the Block, Elvis and Donny Osmond. He’ll even go so far as accessorizing his collection to reflect current showbiz happenings; like in the case of a Lindsay Lohan doll that he equipped with an ankle monitoring bracelet for when she was under house arrest.

Kristin Chenoweth







Kristin has developed a much deeper bond with her loose change. On an episode of The Ellen Show, the Tony Award-winning performer shared her strange addiction of hoarding quarters: “I obsess on saving them. I got to have quarters. I have them in my car. I have jars of quarters. I stash them away. And the minute I get home from a shopping trip or any trip, I put all the quarters away. I don’t know what it is. I have a collection of jars of quarters in New York.”

Kiefer Sutherland







The 24 star is an avid collector of Gibson guitars.  At last count, his collection was around the 38 mark, which by anyone’s standard is fairly excessive.  They’re all housed at the studio he set up to help and encourage young people to get into music and start playing. Kiefer loves to play, but classes himself as a music appreciator rather than a musician.  This didn’t stop the famous guitar manufacturer from creating a signature Gibson in his honor.

Katy Perry







Last year Katy revealed that she has one strange habit and that’s collecting celebrity hair locks. “One of the first times I went to the Grammys, I got to share a dressing room with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift,” she said. “And I asked for a lock of their hair from each one of them, which is totally creepy, but awesome.”

Angelina Jolie







Jolie likes to keep knives as her favorite collection. She had this hobby in collecting some knives since he was 12. Her mother gave her this thing and she started to collect this item as her private collection.

Tom Hanks







For years Tom Hanks has been an avid fan of old-fashioned typewriters and boasts a haul of more than 200. Some of his vintage finds work while others do not, but regardless of the condition, Tom can’t ever pass on the chance to add to his expansive collection (he once paid $85 shipping on a $5 acquisition).

Nicolas Cage







Nicolas Cage’s well-documented passion for spending includes millions on human shrunken heads, dinosaur skulls, rare comics, a pet octopus, venomous king cobras, islands in the sun and European castles. Cage infamously butted heads with Leonardo DiCaprio over a Tarbosaurus dinosaur skull. Cage won the bidding war.


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