Weirdest celebrity pets

As if they were not already special because of the very fact they are famous, our beloved celebrities really like some weird creatures. But, since they are celebrities, they can get away with being different from regular people and so, they have decided to ditch the dogs and cats as pets and adopt some other animals. Check out some weird celebrity pets.

Kristen Stewart – Wolf-Dog Jack








While her character in Twilight may have sided with the vampires, Kristen Stewart is actually quite friendly with wolves in real life. Or, at least her mom is. She owns a wolf-dog hybrid called Jack who according to her “looks scary but is actually quite sweet.”

Paris Hilton – Kinkajou Baby Luv








Whenever you think of Paris Hilton you can imagine her with the small, weirdly-dressed dogs in her handbag. However, there was a brief time in 2006 when she owned a kinkajou — referred to in certain scientific circles as a “honey bear” — which she called Baby Luv. Baby Luv was probably so horrified by its crazy name that it sank its teeth into the socialite’s arms, resulting in the heiress having to go to the emergency room for a tetanus shot.

Reese Witherspoon – Donkeys Honky and Tonky








The new additions to this stunning actress’s ever-growing animal family are a pair of miniature donkeys who are named Honky and Tonky. According to Witherspoon, the donkeys are apparently “sweet and docile.” Unfortunately for her, her neighbors did not seem to share the same view. Angered by the constant racket that the donkeys were making, the neighbors sent a letter to complain. Along with the donkeys, the actress also has twenty chickens, three goats, two pigs and a pony, who seem to enjoy hanging out with the donkeys.

George Clooney – Pig Max








The actor loved his pig so much that he once jokingly said that he would wed Max only if he could get him into a wedding dress. The huge 300 pounds Black Vietnamese pot-bellied pig lived in the actor’s Hollywood hills home for eighteen years till he died in 2006.

Nicolas Cage – Octopus

Nicolas Cage Wallpaper @







The actor reportedly shelled out a whooping $276,000 to buy an octopus and two king cobras named Moby and Sheba. Apparently the octopus was purchased to help him become a better actor (we wonder how an anti-social and poisonous octopus would do that?). The bad news: he had to give up all his pets after the neighbors freaked out over the dangerous cobras, and the octopus’ acting lessons probably did not work.

Charlie Sheen – Water Dragon Hopper Jr.








Charlie Sheen has the worst track record of dead pets. He owned a beautiful Chinese water dragon known as Hopper Jr. at one point which died due to the actor’s neglect, and a bearded dragon which fell into a pool and died. In fact one of the dogs that he returned to his ex-wife Denise Richards died due to malnutrition in a few days, and the other was in an equally bad condition.

Tori Spelling – Chicken Coco

*Exclusive* Tori Spelling introduces her new pet chicken "CoCo"







After all Chihuahuas and toy dogs are all old-fashioned, the new arm candy for this celebrity is a bantam chicken known as Coco. By the way Coco seems to share its owner’s fashion fetish, and you can see the chicken dressed in little caplets, sweaters and not to forget chicken diapers! In fact, the proud chicken owner says, “I make her outfits to mimic my vintage dresses.” Coco is not the most unusual pet that Tori Spelling has. Along with snakes and pigs, she and her husband Dean McDermott have pet goats, and one of them is known as “Totes McGoat!”

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