Whitney Port happy to have her privacy

c0ff3e84-d3aa-4458-801f-9c05e226f3d1_636x357 Former Hills star Whitney Port says that she enjoys her privacy since the end of the TV show. She now has her own fashion line Whitney Eve, and she says that although being part of Hills was fun, she is happy that it is over.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, Whitney said: ”You get to hold things sacred and things can be like private and intimate. You don’t have to worry how anyone else is going to perceive it. Obviously it was so much fun, I don’t regret it and it gave me the platform to launch what I’m doing now, but I’m really enjoying life without that kind of baggage.”

whitney_port_sydney_th_183tdmi-183tdnlThe 28-year-old designer also spoke about her former Hills co-star Brody Jenner and his father Bruce who don’t have a close bond. Whitney said: ”It’s definitely something you shouldn’t take for granted. There’s still hope, it’s never too late to develop a relationship. Brody and Bruce are both still so young and have so much time and experiences ahead of them. They’re constantly learning and I feel like it’s not too late for them to mend the relationship. My dad taught me to cherish the moments and not take them for granted — it’s great advice.”

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