Will Smith in talks to star in ‘Brilliance’

will-smith According to The Wrap, Will Smith is in talks to star in a sci-fi thriller based on Marcus Sakey’s novel Brilliance.

The actor will play a federal agent, Nick Cooper, whose extraordinary abilities make him exceptional at hunting terrorists.

The project’s been setup at Legendary Pictures. David Koepp has been developing the script and it is said that Julius Onah will direct the movie. Joe Roth, Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni will serve as producers, with Alex Hedlund, Palek Patel and Eric McLeod executive producing.

The talks are in the early stages but sources say Smith became involved at the same when Onah came on board.


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5 responses to “Will Smith in talks to star in ‘Brilliance’”

  1. Juliana says:

    Will Smith is a very talented and hot Hollywood actor. I admire his works and in my eyes he is the sexiest when playing a federal agent. This type of role is very becoming to him and he has much experience in performing this task. I believe ether is no better choice of the actor for the upcoming ‘Brilliance’ movie.

  2. Emma says:

    Will Smith is great at performing the secret and FBI agents. He is doing great at his roles and I can see him enjoying the roles he gets. Filming in such movies makes him happy and his fans too as his play is always so truthful. Besides, it is always pleasant to look at a very hot man on the screen, especially in half naked skin. Girls, you know what I am talking about! ))

  3. Britney says:

    I think it is already a sort of habit for Will Smith to perform in the fantastic genre of movies, and honestly speaking he is pretty good in it. Some actors are just wise enough in order to find the genre of movies that suits them best of all and starting performing in it mostly. Will Smith is exactly this kind of person, as during his entire carrier I probably saw only two movies with him that were sort of tragic as they were sad, the first one is there he performed with his son, and the second one is “Me legend”, well he performed pretty well, but I didn’t quite like it as it was not same Will Smith that I know. While such of his movies as: “Bad Boys” in all of its parts, or “Men in Black” are just awesome, and he is awesome in them. I guess fantastic comedy is exactly the genre there he is the king, though I wish he performed in more movies than he does. There are not that many actors in Hollywood who are same good and professional as he is, I don’t know who raises the young generations of actors, but I know for sure that the majority of them su**, and it is not very well, as they are not a good example at all for the generations of teenagers who are watching them on the screen and start doing same things in real life as they think it is cool.

  4. Jessica says:

    I adore Will Smith and all the movies where he is performing. His born charisma and outrageous sense of humor are simply making my day as soon as I see some new comedy where he performs. I think he is a wonderful actor and I wish there were some more actors of this kind in Hollywood. The other great thing about him is that besides being a great actor he is also a great hip hop singer. I loved his songs like: “Party starter” or “Switch”. I am not even sure in which field he is better, in music or cinema industry! I think he is amazing, and deserves all the possible fame in the world, though I would call him rather modest than craving for some attention. Despite the fact that he looks amazingly good especially for his age, and has a great mischievous smile that is able to make any woman fall in love with him I never thought about any kind of affairs he is involved in, instead of that I read of how great father and husband he is. I remember a few years ago I read that the couple wanted to divorce as there was information that Smith’s wife Jada started a relationship with her colleague from a show Marc Anthony, but those were just rumors. So the happy family is still together and lives in their wonderful house in Malibu.

  5. Rhonnie says:

    Mmm, such men as Will Smith simply do not exist anymore, I have no words to describe him, and he is just the mixture of all the possible features I have ever looked for in a man. He has a great sense of humor, he is ambitious, strong and a wonderful father. I like the fact the in two of the movies where he performed; he performed with his own son and daughter. I guess it is good that little by little he is introducing them to the Hollywood world, as I am pretty sure that in the future they will eventually follow his steps in the cinema. And hopefully they will be at least same talented as he is. It is interesting to know that he was first offered the role of Neo in “Matrix” but due to the fact that he turned it down Keanu Reeves has got that role. I guess he turned it down as there were not many scenes with humor in it, though I loved all of the soundtracks. He is doing so many things at the same time, that I do not really get how many hours are in his days, as he is perfect in the movies, in the music, and also he is a great sportsman, he is on the third place in the lift weighting right after Arnold Schwarzenegger on the first place and Dwayne Johnson on the second place.