Winona Ryder: My boyfriend is very special


Even though she is very private about her relationship, Winona Ryder said her boyfriend of three years, Scott Mackinlay Hahn, is ”very special”.

Scott is a CEO of ethical fashion brand Loomstate and Winona is proud of his work.

The actress told Red magazine: ”I try to just… It’s not something I’m hiding but I learned early on not to talk about that. He’s not in this industry. He’s very special. What he does, which is incredible, is all about sustainability and helping companies go green. His work is pretty humbling.”

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5 responses to “Winona Ryder: My boyfriend is very special”

  1. Paget says:

    I believe every person you love is very special and dear I am happy to hear that Winona keeps her private life private and I respect her for this. This is the right thing to do. I believe not every person wants to get fame, especially when he/she is not in the entertainment business industry. Besides, who likes when the things form your persona intimate life becomes the topic of many people? I just wish Winona happiness sin personal life and much success in her professional career.

  2. Tessa says:

    I believe every beloved heart find his/her partner special. Therefore, this article is actually not about that. Te article is about Winona Ryder preferring to keep her private life private. And this is right way to do, the less people know about your intimate relationship and happiness, the less problems is gig t appear there. I believe whet happens between two loving hearts should remain and mystery and even a wedding should be a very private celebration.

  3. Inna says:

    Well hopefully Winona Ryder will finally give herself a rest with all the relationship she has ever had as this Scott of hers looks to be a very nice guy, I wish her luck in the new relationship and hopefully this time she will be finally able to make it to the wedding. I am sure she dreams about having a wedding for a very long time, as every girl dreams about the wedding day since childhood. And the fact that he is so into her is also saying a lot, I guess that means that soon they will get engaged and will start planning the whole event. The only thing I am not really able to understand is why every new couple in the Hollywood is so concerned about the place of the wedding and so on, when all they are supposed to think of is how happy they will be after they will finally create a family of their own. That is what I was thinking when I was getting married, of course I was not such a big star as all of them are, but I am a human being just like they are, so I guess this way the difference is not that big.

  4. Sidney says:

    Congratulations to Winona Ryder, her boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn looks good, and the main thing is that Winona looks quite happy by his side, what can be more pleasant to view than a happy couple staring at each other with big in love eyes, I guess nothing. During her carrier, I mean the times when her carrier was prospering Winona used to date a lot of first class actors, but all of the relationships kept failing as they all were largely discussed by the society they were in, so that is why I am so happy for her and for the fact that she found a man, who is not that much into the public life, and who is more concerned of the woman who is by his side, than of the way how he looks, and there is the damn camera he should smile into, what can be better than that? Probably only the news of their soon marriage can be better than that.

  5. Mille says:

    I feel happy for Winona; she deserves happiness as all the women in the world do. She has been through a lot with all the relationships she had. Like for example when she was in a relationship with Johnnie Depp all she was doing, she was doing for his sake, she stopped being herself which resulted in a huge depression after they broke up, as she could not stand the thought that he doesn’t love her anymore and he is no longer her love. Later she had also a long term relationship with Matt Damon, but it also didn’t brought her to anything good, as Matt was more into his carrier (at that moment he was only doing the first steps as a good actor), than he was into Winona Ryder, as a result of her not bringing anywhere relationships she began doing silly things that could have finish not very well if not her family’s support and help. But it was really kind of her to offer a reward to the person who will bring back the kidnapped girl, and it is a pity that the girl what anyways killed, but she tried, she done something that none of the stars I know have ever done, something not for her, but for someone else. There are many stars who are so into charity thing, but the bad thing is that they do it not for the sake of something good, but just in order to look good.